Rob Kardashian Speaks Out About Weight Gain

Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian spoke out about his weight gain on Monday, after realizing that he was trending for being overweight. He took to Twitter to thank people for making him trend because of gaining weight, and made it clear that he has not been to rehab to help it. The only “therapy” he is doing is going to the gym.

It seems like being on Keeping Up With the Kardashians has not helped his weight issues either. The reality show star is continually surrounded by his sisters who are all praised for the great bodies. Even when Khloe was struggling with her weight, she still looked amazing. Her 27-year-old brother just looks chubby and his recent photos have led to many people being worried about his health.

The 27-year-old reality TV star spoke out about his depression, and how it means that he eats for comfort. This is something that many people with depression find they struggle with, but it can be a downward spiral. The eating leads to being depressed about the weight, which then leads to the comfort eating again.

Kardashian was seen for the first time on Monday at the airport since January 2014. He has also been spotted on limited occasions for the last year, while he struggles with his mental and physical issues. The disappearance from public life did lead to many questioning whether he was in rehab, whether for his emotional problems or to help with his weight loss.

However, Kardashian spoke out about his weight gain, and made it clear that he has not been getting help. It seems like he is not ready for that, which would explain the episode of the family’s reality TV show when Kim was annoyed that her brother missed a training session. He was just not interested in helping himself.

Experts have also spoken out about his weight gain, and suggest that he desperately needs help. The problem is finding the right type of help. Weight gain can happen for all types of reasons, but it seems like the reality show star’s is due to his emotional feelings more than anything else. Vertical Wellness fitness expert suggests that finding a therapist would be best to deal with the emotional weight gain.

Maybe it is about time fewer people focused on his weight gain, and just let him live his life. The constant focus on how big or small someone is has led to a society of people believing that skinny is best. This was clear after The Biggest Loser incident, where the winner lost “too much” weight. It also means that his weight issues are constantly online, and it means he cannot get away from them for one day. That will obviously put more pressure on him to look his best, but will also affect his mental state further.

The reality show star has certainly taken the passive aggressive route with his latest Twitter update, which is also not healthy for him. He should also not have to take that type of route or speak out about something so personal to him. However, for now Kardashian has spoken out about his weight loss, and made it clear he will do something about it when he is ready for it.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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