Paula Patton Still Loves Robin Thicke

paula pattonRobin Thicke and Paula Patton shared a fairy tale romance that started back in high school. The two split recently but she does not rule out reconciliation. Paula is 38 and Robin is 37. They met at an 18-and-under club in Los Angeles when they were 15 and 14 years-old. Together since, the couple have one child, Julian Feugo, who is four years-old. Both are still in love.

According to Fox News, when asked about the possibility of getting back together with him, she said that there always has and always will be deep love between the two of them. Robin is making it well-known that he wants Paula back. He dedicated his hit “Lost Without You” and “She’s a Good Woman” to her at his show in Fairfax, Virginia back in February.

In her interview for the June issue of Vanity Fair Paula Patton reveals a few romantic moments from the former couple’s life together including a serenade by R&B star Jodeci in his dad Alan Thicke’s living room before their first kiss. She is also pictured topless in many photos, making one wonder if she’s trying to get back at Robin for something.

Apparently not all was a fairy tale in their romance. Thicke reported to ET that he and Paula Patton are very happy since the split, much happier than before. Whatever that means. There is no detail given there. So what’s the truth? Are they better split or should they get back together?

The rumors have been rampant about the reason for their split. Star magazine reported they were polyamorous and that Thicke cheated on her with his massage therapist. The singer adamantly denies this and has threatened legal action against the publication. The rumor is likely false. So if Paula Patton still loves Robin Thicke why are they still divorced?

TMZ reports that the split started when Thicke dry humped Miley Cyrus on stage at the VMA’s. Apparently Paula felt disrespected when he virtually simulated sex with the star. Paula was also enraged when Thicke grabbed the behind of a woman at one of his after-parties. Things never got better after that and in fact the couple argued non-stop about him partying with other women before they broke things off.

Celebrity marriages are prone to these types of problems considering that they are flirted with by hoards of women and men alike. What they do with that flirtatious behavior determines the success of monogamous marriages in the spotlight. However, can one really blame Thicke for his performance at the VMAs? He was in the spotlight and Miley started the twerking, not the other way around. He was just performing. There is no excuse, however, for continuing to flirt with women at after parties.

It is possible though that they will work this out, after all, it does not sound like Robin cheated on her, but rather, got very close to it. If that is all that occurred, perhaps he deserves a second chance. After all, Patton is still in love with Thicke.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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