Powerful Anti Bullying Song by Teen Boys Brings Audience to Tears [Video]

bullyingA powerful anti-bullying song was performed by two teen boys and brought the Britain’s got Talent audience to tears, and then to their feet. The two young men, Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries wrote and performed a song that is near and dear to their hearts. The self-titled duo call themselves Bars and Melody and they brought the judges to their feet, and got Simon Cowell to push the golden button. This moves them directly into the live performance rounds of the popular show. Leondre explained that he had been bullied in the past, and felt strongly about bringing his message to the world. At just 15 and 13 these two young men have learned more than most about the importance of standing up against bullies. When Leondre was being bullied he said he would write rap songs to take him out of that terrible place, that bullying left inside of him. He ultimately changed schools, and as the song states, he loves school and just wanted to work. Charlie became his friend at his new school where there are no more hurtful events, and his confidence has grown tremendously according to his friend.


As seen in the video below, Charlie is the crooner and Leondre is the rapper, and putting the two together is magic. With lyrics expressing the confusion and the pain of being pursued by bullies leaves the audience in awe of the powerful words. These brave young men came out with a song that cuts right to the heart of the matter from the perspective of the victim. It is not just the words that brought them a standing ovation, these guys have real talent. Charlies voice is beautiful as he croons “be hopeful, I know it ain’t easy, but it’ll be okay’, and it leads right into Leondre’s rap. He speaks of the hurtful words that kids can say to each other, and their bullying of him for the simple the fact that he lives with his Mother and not his Dad. These two are so well spoken that it is hard not to love them even before they sing. Their interaction with the judges prior to singing is absolutely entertaining, and adorable. They speak of their passion for music and their families, as well as their challenging backgrounds.The song is heartfelt and the words are poignant as the crowd chants after the performance to hit the golden button. Watching the judges sit there and look at each other made the crowd chant even louder. The ever cynical and hardened Simon Cowell stands up and does just that, and goes on to tell them that he can see their song being recorded and become a huge hit. As the golden glitter falls from the eaves, you can see the raw emotion on these two talented young men. The judges have no critique just inspiring words for the duo, sending the two young teens praise on their powerful anti-bullying song, as the audience wipes away their tears. The video ends with the boys heads on each others shoulders, and the moment could not have been more perfect.

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7 Responses to "Powerful Anti Bullying Song by Teen Boys Brings Audience to Tears [Video]"

  1. Kristi Cereska   June 5, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Bless you for preserving Laura! Good Luck with your grandson, he has an amazing grandma.

  2. laura   June 4, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    I was molested and became pregnant at 14 and back then it was not accepted, I could not take the things not only students would say and do but teachers were just as cruel. I have lived my life feeling like I would never be good enough at anything since then. I dropped out of school, not even getting a GED until I was 35.Now my grandson is being bullied at school and all that pain just comes gushing back. There has to be an answer, at home and at school.God knows it is a far more dangerous world. I would love to follow these boys because they send the loudest message I have heard yet.They are the champions of anti bullying, I applaud
    them and wish them well.

  3. rhiannon bridger   May 19, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    there amazing

  4. dennis   May 15, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    i was bully but there wrong to chouse me.
    i’m 15 years old 1 vs 2 18 years old, haha

  5. Mike   May 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    These kids are on stage, dazzling the audience andbring the crowd to their feet, so much talent. What are the bullies doing?

  6. tracey whitney   May 15, 2014 at 2:38 am

    I was bullied at school 40yr’s ago, but the difference between then and now is that at the end of the day i had a safe place, a safe haven if you will to go to where i could get a reprieve at leat for a couple of hr’s. It may not have been much but it allowed me to get through school relatively unscathed. However today is soooo different there is no escape for these young kids, there is to much tequenollagy out there where they ( these bullies) can get to these younger kids or little kids or kids just to scared to stand up for themselves, and i would be one of those kids today if i were born in the the era of these computor’s and phones. However i sincerely commend these two beautifully articulate boy’s who have found another way to fight back at these bullies, rather then useing their fist’s their feet and whatever else they feel the need to fight with today!! no they decided to find a way that wld hit right at the heart of these bullies and that is WORDS, they hit right at the heart of the problem’s and the wrds dig deep, which hopefully will inspire other kids that have been bullied or are being bullied to do the same thing. Lets be really real about this in (and i’m guessing here because i think these two boy’s have more tallent then Justin Beiber)but i reckon in @ two to three years time these two boy’s career are really going to take off, they are going to be star’s there is no doubt about that none, but when these two have hit it big and are million air’s probably in their twenties, because make no mistake Simon Cowel will watch these two like a hawk and groom them, where will the kids that bullied them be then??God Bless you two boy’s and my hope is that you take out the whole show you deserve it. And just think how many sucessfull rapper’s there are today because of being bullied at school, read about Emiem and look at wher he is at today and what he has and just how much he’s worth, and what he had to go through to get it. Stick with it boy’s you have sooo much tallent the world is now your’s to go out and grab, all you got to do is grab it. Best wishes and lots of love one of your now many fans in Australia.

  7. shell selwoo   May 15, 2014 at 2:27 am

    this should be released as a single as the theme song for Anit Bullying. what an awesome young man to write such eloquent words to describe the terror and torment he felt.

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