Republicans View Comments on Hilary Clinton’s Health as Reasonable

Republicans have expressed their view that comments surrounding possible presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s health is completely reasonable. Members within the GOP state that it is not an issue that Clinton can avoid should she decide to run for the White House in 2016.

This remark stems from Democrats insisting that the comments made against Clinton last week by political consultant Karl Rove were pathetic and a desperate attempt to sway any potential voters and get back on top. The remarks made by Rove essentially stated his opinion that he did not feel as though Clinton was physically or mentally fit to lead the nation due to both her age and the health scare she suffered at the end of 2012.

Republicans, however, view these comments on Hilary Clinton’s health as perfectly reasonable. Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican Nation Committee, has voiced his opinion that these questions and concerns as something that Clinton needs to get used to if she plans to make a serious play for the White House in two years time.  Priebus feels that as much as Democrats would like to write off Clinton’s 2012 health scare as part of her past, the fact that the former Secretary of State had a blood clot in her brain that initially prevented her testimony regarding the Benghazi terror attack of the same year, is going to present an issue. Republicans insist that an event that serious is not something that can be overlooked, especially when it happens to the person whose goal is to become leader of the country. What if Clinton suffered a similar accident while in the Oval Office? Republicans are asking Democrats to take this possibility under serious consideration, instead of brushing off the comments as petty rivalry talk.

The GOP is also shutting down the suggestion that the health attacks are in any way personally directed towards Clinton herself, as has been hinted at by Democrats. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who faced his own fair share of health criticism regarding his heart condition, also passed commentary on the matter. He stated that the questions should and will come up for anyone who potentially plans to rule the White House, regardless of what end of the political spectrum they are on, and regardless of who they are married to or the things they have been involved with in their pasts.

Clinton has not personally responded to the growing debate between the GOP and the Democratic party, choosing to look the other way on the matter. She does, however, have the support of several Democrats on Capitol Hill. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democratic senator, echoed the opinion of Clinton’s husband Bill and the rest of the Democrats, calling Rove’s commentary a cheap political shot and a last-ditch attempt to maintain relevancy in the political eye, given that his days in the Bush administration are long gone.

It is unclear if the Republicans’ view that comments on Hilary Clinton’s health can be seen as reasonable will be shared by the voters in 2016. However, it is clear that Clinton is not letting these remarks stop her from continuing to make her political mark on the nation.

By Rebecca Grace

Los Angeles Times
Huffington Post
Fox News

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