Rihanna Whoopsie Costs Her $25000

Rihanna Whoopsie Costs Her $25000
Rihanna certainly loves her selfies and with her latest Instagram snaps being banned by the picture sharing application, it would make sense that the singer would slow down taking those photographs, but, her latest selfie “whoopsie” cost her a cool $25,000. Not in fines or legal fees, but in reaching deep in her pocket to make up for a moment of clumsiness.

It seems that the 26 year-old singer/actress was watching the Los Angeles Clippers playoff against Oklahoma City Thunder in the third game of the NBA playoffs where she was sat right next to the Los Angeles Police Commission president Steve Soboroff. Not too surprisingly, Rihanna decided to take a selfie, and as the venue was not conducive to her taking anything off, the singer opted instead to take a snap with the commish.

Sadly, the picture ended with the photographer, RiRi dropping Soboroff’s cell phone and the screen cracked when it made contact with the court. The singer looks mortified in a posted ebay snap featuring a replacement phone and a picture of Rihanna looking down at the dropped phone with her hands clapped over her face. The police commission president actually looks pretty amused. Perhaps he knew that RiRi was going to replace it, and more, even then.

What is ironic about the Rihanna “selfie” is that it looks like she did not actually take the snap! Looking at the LA Police Foundation Twitter feed, it appears that she decided to help Soboroff raise a little cash for the foundation fund, @LAPoliceFdtn tweeted that if folks would donate $5 they could get a blue wristband, which reads LAPD, and wear it just like Rihanna.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t look like the singer took the picture. Obviously, it had been snapped by someone else after she had the whoopsie moment and dropped, the cell phone which ultimately cost her at least $25,000. This five figure payout was over and above what she spent on a replacement for her courtside buddy.

Rihanna Whoopsie Costs Her $25000
That @eBay tweet featuring the phone and RiRi plus Steve.

The police commission president took it all in his stride when Rihanna replaced his broken phone and also donated the $25,000 to the LA Police Foundation. Soboroff was so impressed by her gesture that he followed up by putting his phone which, according to ebay, may have a cracked screen but still works, up for auction. Plus RiRi autographed the phone and included the LAPD wristband she wore on the night of the accident.

On the auction site, Soboroff explains just how the phone got broken, it actually turns out that the selfie was his idea, and mid snap, (yes after all this speculation Rihanna was taking the picture after all) the singer dropped the phone. He explains that the story of her breaking the cell phone went viral over the weekend. Steve related what the foundation was raising the money for, Los Angeles PD has lost five officers since the seventh of March this year.

The little accident courtside at the Clippers’ game on Friday, will benefit the foundation by a pretty substantial amount. To date, the latest bid on ebay stands at $57,100.00. Add this amount to the $25,000 that Rihanna donated and this whoopsie may have cost her a fair amount of money but made her some friends on the force. Fortunately for her, it also shows that she’s not just about naughty Instagram snaps, she’s also very, very generous to the right causes. Rock on RiRi.

By Michael Smith


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