Bill Clinton Says Wife Does Not Have Health Issues

clintonFormer United States President Bill Clinton has stated that wife Hilary does not have any present health issues, contrary to an opinion offered by Karl Rove, a political operative and former Chief of Staff during the George Bush administration. Clinton has brushed this comment off as a desperate attempt for Rove and other political rivals to gain political advantage over President Obama’s former Secretary of State.

Rove made the remark in question in regards to Hilary Clinton’s ability to lead the country, should she win the presidency in 2016. Rove is of the opinion that the presidential prospect’s age and previous health scares could quite likely put a damper in her capacity to keep up with the overwhelming demands that come with being in charge of the nation. Reference was made to an alleged 30-day hospital stay, which in fact was a three-day treatment for a blood clot that was discovered during a post-concussion scan, followed by a brief return to said hospital in order to complete a few minor blood tests. Rove also labelled Hilary’s glasses as glasses needed by people who had suffered brain damage. Rove made a hasty backtrack on this last remark after the New York Post’s Page Six published a feature piece on it. He quickly stated that he knew full well, of course, that Hilary Clinton did not have the alleged brain damage that he referenced in the aforementioned comments. Rove was adamant, however, that Hilary’s health issues were something with which she was most definitely going to have to come to terms if she reached the White House in 2016.

The former Secretary of State’s husband Bill Clinton, however, was quite firm in assuring any doubters that his wife does not, in fact, have health issues. The 42nd President of the United States issued a statement on the matter at a Washington budget forum on Wednesday, May 14. Clinton addressed the hospital incident mentioned by Rove, admitting that the concussion his wife had suffered had been the start of a half-year recovery process. Clinton insisted, however, that Hilary was doing just fine, due in part to her routine workouts. He added that it seemed, in fact, that his wife was currently in better shape than he was.

Clinton’s opinion that Rove made these false remarks as a ploy to garner political advantage over his wife can possibly be seen to carry some amount of merit. After all, the time span between Hilary Clinton’s last health scare and the comments made by Rove is close to a year and a half. With Hilary enjoying such a long stretch of good health before Rove made the aforementioned comments, Clinton believes that this was a last-ditch tactic to stir the pot again.

Whether or not the next steps that Hilary Clinton takes in her political career will be into the White House for 2016 remains to be seen. Bill Clinton has done his best to convince potential voters that his wife does not have health issues.

Opinion by Rebecca Grace

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  1. Larry L Edwards (~=E (@Larry2nuts)   May 16, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Don’t believe that lying Bill. He just want to be the sub-President but everyone knows that Hilary bumped her head and had medical treatment for that. She’s brain-damaged and seeing Obama, another brain-challenged president in office gives her hope. However, this country can ill-afford two back-to-back mentally challenged presidents. No way.


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