Salman Khan Is in Serious Trouble


Salman Khan is a renowned and famous personality of the Bollywood film industry and is the son of Salim Khan. Salman Khan and his two brothers are all a part of the film industry and have carried on their father’s legacy successfully. Salman Khan has made immense contribution to the B-town through his unparalleled acting skills and he also has an impeccable record for charity contributions. However, in the year 2002, Salman Khan was charged with a ‘hit and run case’ when his car damaged a bakery and ran over 3 people. This case has landed Salman Khan in serious trouble, it seems.

All of the three victims, who were sleeping in the pavement at the time, were seriously injured, except one, who died on the spot. Salman Khan was arrested for rash driving and was charged with culpable homicide, but soon, the case was dropped. Later on, Khan was officially charged with culpable homicide in the year 2013, to which he had pleaded not guilty. The trial had begun around August 2013 and since then the case is still running in the court of law. Recently, that case has again come into the limelight due to the testimonies of several eye-witnesses. Most of them have categorically testified against the 48-year-old actor.

Salman Khan is considered to be in a serious trouble, especially when the witnesses have been able to identify him. The waiter who had served drinks to Salman and his friends on that night (when the incident took place in 2002), identified him being there, in a five star hotel. He recognized Salman and testified that the actor was present, along with his friends and even recalls serving them white rum and cocktails.

However, he is unable to remember whether the actor had actually consumed alcohol or not since there was not enough light in the establishment. It is believed that Salman’s brother, Sohail, was also there with him but had returned home much earlier. One of the 4 people who were injured, conveyed to the court, that his former lawyer (Mukesh Pandey) had offered him a bribe so that he would reverse his testimony with regard to the case.

Muslim Sheikh stated that he received a couple of phone calls, one of which was about the bribery amount, while he avoided receiving the other call. Later on, his former lawyer, Mr. Pandey said that Muslim Sheikh was lying and that he never offered him any amount of money whatsoever. Sheikh is the youngest eye-witness of the lot and was sixteen years of age when the mishap took place in the year of 2002. Since then, Sheikh has been staying in UP and comes to Mumbai only when the case is summoned.

Since 2002, the case is still on the grounds and does not seem to end. More so, the case seems to be intensifying each passing day. After being identified by the 4th witness, Salman Khan has really landed in serious trouble. The allegations of ‘threat calls’ and ‘bribery’ is adding more problems in the superstar’s kitty, while the case is unable to draw its required conclusion. The actor has his new movie, Kick, lined-up, which is scheduled to release in July 2014. The case trials seem to be definitely creating problems in Salman Khan’s personal life as well, as reported by the media.

Opinion By Sunando Basu

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4 Responses to "Salman Khan Is in Serious Trouble"

  1. hauwa   May 23, 2014 at 1:43 am

    Sallu bhai our prayers r with you. You will come out of this fine and even be greater in sha Allahhauwajalingo

  2. Rakiya   May 22, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Salman my prayers r with Insha’allaah u will come out of this ..

  3. sheetalkachare   May 22, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Salman don’t worry you will be out of this.

  4. majahar khan   May 22, 2014 at 7:39 am

    this is tough time salman. I think he will get rid of that situation very soon. nake dil logo ki allah hamesh hifajat karta hai.

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