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The San Diego wildfires have been contained thanks to firefighters in Southern California, who put out massive fire blasts that destroyed scores of homes and made thousands of people in the area have to evacuate the overall San Diego vicinity. However, Governor Jerry Brown stated that this is only the mere beginning of the state’s most brutal fire season yet to come.

Because of a decrease in winds and a lessening of overall temperatures during the past weekend, San Diego firefighting crews were able to encircle over a dozen fires which caused massive damage to over 26,000 acres of dry grass in San Diego County last week. While there were no life-threatening injuries reported, state authorizes have yet to find out whether or not the remains of a charred human corpse found near a homeless encampment in the coastal town of Carlsbad had perished in the flames.

Beginning the expected set of California’s future wildfires, the recent fires in San Diego gave the state of California a warning it could not ignore. Due to a mixture of temperatures reaching past 100 degrees, very low humidity and rainfall, amid hot Santa Ana winds stemming from the desert, this fire was deemed as one of the largest initial beginnings to the California season of wildfires. Before the fire had erupted last week in San Diego Country, there had been a record number of wildfires that had been reported since January of this year. More than 1,350 wildfires had perspired since January, and this was double the amount of wildfires that occurred in 2013.

Governor Jerry Brown, who had made an appearance on ABC News, made the statement that because of an extended time period of drought, along with a dramatic increase in wildfire activity, that this is a result of climate change that will force California residents to adapt to current changes in the weathered landscape. Governor Brown also stated that this wildfire has signified the start of an extremely detrimental season of wildfires and one that has yet to be seen throughout previous years. Along with prominent climatologists studying global warming, Brown states that humans are entwined on a dual with nature, and that humans are going to have to make drastic changes in order to counteract the permanent industrial effects put upon nature.

As of last Sunday, San Diego firefighters have been able to contain 85 percent of the major wildfire, having had destroyed over 39 houses and forcing thousands to evacuate the area. Other areas in Carlsbad were contained, but only after suffering over $15 million dollar worth of property damage, with other apartment units being burned to the crisp. Even though the San Diego wildfires have been contained, many people living in California’s second-largest city have had to evacuate their homes and the surrounding area. However, the beginnings of the wildfire still remain unknown. While arson detectives are still in search for possible perpetrators who might have caused the fire, fire officials have not ruled any of the wildfires to be of human creation.

By Scott Gaudinier

NBC San Diego
Southern California Public Radio

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