‘Expendables 3’ Cast Tanked Into Cannes

expendables 3

expendables 3

On Sunday May 18, the cast of the Expendables film saga made their way through the French city of Cannes. The distinguished action movie cast strolled through the Croisette while riding on a tank in order to promote their next movie venture. A large number of media personnel and film enthusiasts came out in order to get a good look at the action when the Expendables 3 cast tanked into Cannes.

The stars of the next film in the action saga known as the Expendables made their presence known to the people of Cannes, France, when they rolled through the famous strip known as the Promenade de la Croisette in large metal tanks. The stars of the film were using the metal transport vehicles in order to ride their way to a press conference in another part of the city. The stars that were present on board of the tank were Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Arnold Swartzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford. The Expendables 3 cast tanked into Cannes to the pleasure of many of their fans.

At the press conference the stars of the film caught up with one another and expressed how great it was to be working together. Sylvester Stallone stated that he was excited to work with the old cast once again, and that getting to work with stars such as those whom he acted with in the previous installments was rare. Stallone is the creator of the Expendables film franchise and he plays the role of the leader of the group in the movie. Banderas expressed how elated he was to be able to be part of the “hall of fame” of action movies. The stars of the original movie all continued to jest about matters concerning their advanced ages and what it will be like to work with the younger stars in the new film.

Sylvester Stallone created and directed the first Expendables film in 2010. The cast of the first movie included Stallone himself along with Terry Crews playing Hale Caeser aand Jason Statham who was cast as Lee Christmas. Other big names in the action movie genre were present in the cast as well. In 2012 the sequel titled Expendables 2 was released. Sylvester Stallone passed the role of director to Simon West. The stars of the first film returned with the addition of three other well-known stars in the action genre of entertainment: Arnold Swartzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Willis.

In Expendables 3, The cast saw a few additions to the list of heroes and villains and some of those who did not make a comeback for the third film. The new stars for this third film were those who were present on the tank that was driven through the streets of Cannes. It has been announced that there will be a fourth sequel to the popular film saga. After the Expendables 3 cast tanked into Cannes they announced that the next installment in the Expendables film franchise has been slated for release on August 15.

By Mike White

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