Science Never Supported Idea of Left Brain vs. Right Brain, Now Say Idea Is Hogwash

Science Never Supported Idea of Left Brain Vs. Right Brain, Now Say Idea is Hogwash

The idea has been around a while that methodical, analytical and logic minded people are dominant on the left side of their brains while artistic and creative types are governed by the right side of their brains. The only trouble with all this is science has actually never supported such a notion and now say the entire idea is hogwash.

By looking through the groundwork of countless assessment tests, team building exercises and self-motivating books, researchers found all the information very interesting and also false. Scientists have exposed the myth by performing an examination of over 1,000 brains. They did not find any indication that individuals were specifically using either the left or the right sides of their brains. Every one of the research study contributors was discovered to be using their whole brain equally, through the entire experiment. A research paper was written up about the entire study and appeared recently in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

The inclination to want to use one area of the brain more than other parts for particular tasks is called lateralization by scientists and is definitely real, explained Dr. Jeff Anderson, who was the research study’s main director and also works for a brain mapping service in Utah. One example is speech originates from the brain’s left side for the majority of people who are right-handed. However this does not indicate that prodigious speakers or writers use their brain’s left side more than their right, or that one side happens to be better off in the amount of neurons it has.

There is a fallacy that everything that has to do with being logical minded is restrained only to one side of the brain, and all other things related to creativity are narrowed to the other side, stated Dr. Anderson. When in truth, it is all the links among the brain sections that permit human beings to be able to take part in both logical and creative thinking processes.

Anderson’s group looked at the brain scans of contributors’ who ranged in age from almost 10 to nearly 30 while they were at rest. The scientists examined the goings-on in 7,000 brain areas, and studied the neural networks located inside and also between these regions. Although they noticed compartments of heavy neural circulation in particular regions, on average, each side of the brain were basically the same in their neural grid system and connections.

It seems that the fable of being either “right-brained” or “left-brained” may have started from research done by the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger Sperry. He had examined numerous patients who suffered from epilepsy in the 1960’s who had been treated with operations where their brains had been cut along a structure known as the corpus callosum. Because this connects the two brain halves, after the surgical procedure, the left and right sides of the patients’ brains were unable to now communicate.

Dr. Sperry, along with other researchers, were able to discover what sides of the brain were involved in math, drawing, language and various other tasks the individuals performed. However psychology buffs decided to take the idea and blow it out of proportion and produced the concept that behaviors and other qualities were determined by one side of the brain having control over the other.

Dr. Anderson exclaimed he never set out to destroy any myths but that his group wanted to understand brain lateralization in a deeper way so they could work on better treatments for conditions such as autism, schizophrenia and Down syndrome, where the right and left brains both act in unusual ways.

So the reasoning behind the idea that methodical, analytical and logical people are dominant from the left side of their brains while artistic and creative types are governed by the right side of their brains is believed to be a complete fallacy.

By Kimberly Ruble


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