Selena Gomez Battle Lupus Claims Family

Selena Gomez

Family members close to Selena Gomez claim that she is battling lupus. It is a serious medical condition, and is not helped by the star’s constant working schedule. Over the last six years she has hardly taken time off, and her family members and close friends are getting worried about her.

The former Disney star was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a couple of years ago, and it seemed to reach its peak in November 2013. The singer was forced to cancel part of her tour, stating that she just needed to take some time off for herself. It was just after that that she went into rehab in Arizona, but only remained for two weeks.

According to Gomez’s grandfather, she decided rehab was the best place to go so she could relax and focus on looking after herself. Working around the clock means that she cannot focus on living healthy, which is required to keep the disease under control. There was also the case of Justin Bieber causing problems for her emotionally, which definitely was not helping.

Since then she got back with Bieber and broke up with him again, but she has still not slowed down. Her grandfather is now worried, although states that she has kept the problem under control for now. The Wizards of Waverly Place star does need to look after herself better. Even her doctor has advised to take time off, but according to her grandfather she has not taken a day off yet.

Her family have spoken out about Gomez suffering from lupus due to the press over the last few months. Her grandfather heard something about her taking drugs in the press, and decided to go straight to the source. He wanted to know the truth, after raising her as a baby. Her parents worked all the time and still had to finish school, so her grandparents took it upon themselves to make sure the destined star had the best start in life.

Unfortunately, lupus is an uncommon disease and not fully understood. That will not help with treatment. According to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, it can affect different parts of the body, and there are many symptoms. Some of those are life-threatening. Symptoms include rashes, fatigue, swelling and pain in the joints. The problem is within the immune system, which is why it is known as an autoimmune disease.

The immune system believes that healthy organs, tissue and cells are dangerous, and attacks them. It is unknown why some people suffer from it, but there are beliefs that it is environmental and genetic.

There is no specific cure, and different types of lupus to make it even harder. Support from people around a patient is important, but so is living a healthy lifestyle. Just 50 years ago, people would die within 10 years of diagnosis, but now it is possible to live a perfectly normal length of time. It will mean following advice from doctors.

This is why the Come and Get It singer’s family is so worried. If she does not follow advice given by her doctor, she could be at risk of the autoimmune disorder getting worse. That is part of the reason why her family have decided to make a statement declaring that Gomez suffers from lupus in the hope that it will convince her to slow down and look after herself.

By Alexandria Ingham


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