Selena Gomez Comes Back to Former BFF Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez Comes Back to Former BFF Taylor Swift
After the news that Taylor Swift was searching for a new BFF as Selena Gomez had dumped her former bestest buddy it now seems that the two have reconciled and the Come and Get It singer has come back. The 21 year-old singer/actress had a major falling out with Swift over Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber when Selena ignored her older, and wiser, BFF Swift who threw down the gauntlet over Bieber. It was either him or her and she lost.

So Gomez left her 24 year-old former BFF and hooked up with the younger Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie. The whole thing went pear shaped when Kendall and Justin hooked up at the Coachella event. Prior to the big melt down, when Gomez dropped both the Jenner sisters from her Instagram account, along with 20 year-old Justin and Swift, the three new chums were “thick as thieves.” Taking plenty of “selfies” and Instagram snaps with the two sisters prior to the bust up made it seem that Selena would never forgive Swift for trying to force her to see the truth of what Bieber really is.

Since the Coachella incident, where Bieber took up with 18 year-old Kendall Jenner, the performer has admitted to the world via Twitter that he is bi-sexual and that he was “dating” 18 year-old singer/songwriter Austin Mahone. This news may have been some sort of practical joke as the tweet was deleted a short time later. Justin also posted a picture of he and Austin kissing.

Whether or not Bieber is bi-sexual won’t really matter to Selena Gomez since she has turned her back on her former boyfriend and come back to her BFF Taylor Swift. It seems that the Slow Down singer finally understands that Swift had Bieber’s number all along. She also looks very happy to be back with her old gal pal looking at the selfie where she and Taylor seem to be having loads of fun, just like the good old days.

Swift and Selena were seen mucking about at the Met Ball and Gomez posted a video of them having their own ball on Instagram. Gomez tweeted later that sometimes it’s good to hang with someone who knows all your “secrets.” News is that the two were spotted dancing at the Ball and that Selena showed just how classy she can be when speaking to Kendall Jenner at the table where the two sat opposite each other at the event.

Some have reported that the love rivals were very friendly, but saying hello does not indicate being friendly, just polite. The singer may have cut all those negative, or as Selena put it toxic, influences in her life, but she did not bother to bad talk the Jenner girl who did her a favor by showing just what a love-rat Bieber really is.

The fact that Selena Gomez has come back to her former BFF Taylor Swift shows just how much she valued her long term friendship with the country/pop singer. The two young women have had each other’s backs for quite some time now and despite love stepping in and clouding Selena’s judgement, the two are back together again. In the mean time it now looks like Kendall Jenner is sharing Bieber with Austin Mahone. Oh dear.

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  1. Kaylyn   May 9, 2014 at 6:18 am

    This article got so much information wrong. While reading it, it made me think a rookie journalist wrote it. You go and read what everyone else is writing and get it all straight. It was kylie who he hooked up with. And selena didn’t see kendall at the MET ball. She saw her at the private book dinner that they both went to. Come on now.


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