Selena Gomez Thinks Taylor Swift Is Too Boring?

Selena GomezAccording to recent reports, Selena Gomez thinks that Taylor Swift is too boring, and that was the reason she ended her friendship. Of course, the fact that the country star did not like Justin Bieber was another reason.

The Come and Get It singer has made a lot of changes recently, getting rid of all the people in her life who tried to keep her away from the Canadian singer. However, she has recently decided to end the relationship after a scandal that involves the two Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall. That does not mean she will take the people back who tried to convince her otherwise about him though.

So far, Gomez has fired her parents and kicked Swift out of her life. It seems, though, that it is not all about her off-again boyfriend. She wanted excitement, and believed the Jenner sisters could offer her that. They certainly did, but probably not the type of excitement she wanted. It was all at her expense.

However, everything that the 24-year-old singer has had thrown at her is not stopping her from caring about her former best friend. She wants the 21-year-old to get the help she needs to get over the troublesome boyfriend. Swift wants to be there as the shoulder to cry on, because that is the good friend that she is. As soon as she found out the tough time Gomez was going through, Swift called and emailed but she is just too boring at the moment. Also, the former Disney star is just not ready to talk.

The 21-year-old certainly needs Swift back in her life. The country star has been an extremely positive influence, and has proven to be a good friend. Could Gomez really see the Jenner sisters being there after being snubbed the way that Swift was? Certainly not! All the Love Story singer wants is to see her friend happy again.

Now that Bieber is out of the picture, Gomez may slow down on her partying ways. The 20-year-old definitely would not have helped that matter. It is possible that she felt the need to party just to deal with his attitude and toxic personality. In a few months time, once everything has blown over, it is possible that the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know singer will realize that boring is actually calm and peaceful, and want her former best friend back in her life. Swift will likely be there too.

There are questions over whether Gomez will go back into rehab. It could be that the country singer wants her friend to do that to be happier and healthier after the recent split. However, Swift is not likely to push that matter. After all, she wants her friend back first! For now, she is willing to offer the shoulder to cry on and the ear to complain to. Once they’re back to being friends, hopefully she can get her back on the right track. That’s if Swift is no longer too boring for Gomez, of course.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Jen   May 1, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    People who abuse drugs and alcohol have a distorted view of reality. Selena needs help, and the good influences in her can’t help her anyway unless Selena tries to help herself. She should start by going back to rehab.

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