Selena Gomez Will Write About Justin Bieber?


The antics involved in the on-off relationship between the teen sensation Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, has taken a new turn. Selena Gomez is all set to blast her former flame, Justin Bieber, on her next album release. According to rumors, Gomez’s best friend, Taylor Swift is the person who has goaded her into revealing the painful side of her relationship with Bieber, on her next album. So, a cautious presumption of Selena Gomez writing about Justin Bieber would not be an over-statement. In fact, the singer of the I Knew You Were Trouble hit has been quite persistent on this issue to convince Gomez.

Various media sources have revealed that Taylor has been instrumental in encouraging Gomez to let her feelings and emotions out and write them down as the basis of her next album. Taylor has always been a very good friend to Gomez during the difficult phases of her relationship with Justin Bieber. In fact, both the singers have bonded so well, that there are even reports of Taylor collaborating with Selena on her new album.

The album has managed to generate a lot of interests and controversies even prior to actual conceptualization. The reports from media that Gomez and Bieber are on the verge of a break-up have generated this publicity. These tough times have been the one of the traits of the difficult and often tumultuous relationship that Gomez and Bieber have shared. So, if Selena Gomez decides to write about Justin Bieber, it would definitely be a ‘music treat’ for the fans. According to reports, Taylor Swift has suggested this idea to help her friend Selena. The 24-year-old singer wanted her BFF to get over Justin Bieber as soon as possible, so this idea seemed quite practical.

Taylor believes that she has benefited enormously in keeping her heart, in one piece, by lambasting her earlier love interests for their mistakes, and hopes her ‘bestie’ will benefit in much the same way. Her offer for collaboration is because of the greater experience she has in this aspect, and she hopes she can give her friend creative inputs to make the album more appealing.

Justin Bieber has had an extremely rough time in the recent months and he would do well even without the negative publicity that any such album, damning him, could generate. However, he may have to face the brickbats if his longtime girlfriend opts to heed the advice of her best friend and lends her soul in her next album. The biggest coup would be the collaboration of the two singing sensations to record the album. It will surely blaze through the music industry and will create a buzz among their countless fans.

The close friendship that Selena Gomez shares with Taylor Swift has been in the news earlier also, and both have claimed to draw inspiration and strength from their strong bond. However, the rumored album featuring the two could well be a mega success commercially, apart from helping Selena get over her alleged torrid past with Bieber. Music lovers and fans of these stars can now only wait with bated breath to see whether Selena Gomez writes about Justin Bieber or not.

Opinion by Sunando Basu

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