Sherri Shepherd Custody Battle

Sherri Shepherd

Comedian and co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd, 47 is in court again. Jeffrey Tarpley, Shepherd’s first husband filed for an emergency custody modification hearing claiming that their special needs son Jeffrey Jr., who is suffering from neglect. The couple, married for 11 years split in 2011. Sherri Shepherd now 47, is facing two custody battles, she is also currently in a custody dispute with her soon to be ex-husband over their unborn child.

According to court documents, Tarpley is accusing Shepherd of denying Jeffrey of a loving and nurturing environment, also proper care and educational needs. He stated that Shepherd delegates primary responsibility for the minor child to inexperienced nannies and because of the neglect Jeffrey Jr. reads below his grade level, is unable to tie his own shoes, and also had poor hygiene and can barely write. He sited that Shepherd’s seven day-a-week work schedule was constant and the reason for her neglecting.

According to reports, Shepherd responded with documentation of her own, calling Tarpley, currently residing in California, an absent father who deserves no part in Jeffrey’s life. Nevertheless, also in the papers filed in the custody battle between Sherri Shepherd and Tarpley, he is seeking temporary custody with Shepherd, currently living in New Jersey, should receive no visitation until the court rules on the complaint. Finding no cause for the order, a hearing has been scheduled for July 21, 2014.

Tarpley filed his request just one month before Shepherd and her current husband filed for divorce. Currently, the couple is also going through their own custody battle even though the pre-nup that was signed stated that Shepherd would retain full custody of their unborn baby boy who is currently being carried by a surrogate. However, Sally is claiming that their pre-nup was invalidated on the ground of fraud and would like it nullified. Sally wants full physical and legal custody of the baby and is also requesting Shepherd be granted sensible visitation rights.

It is alleged that Sally may be looking to get the pre-nup invalidated for more that just the fight for custody of their unborn baby boy. Also stated in the pre-nup is that he would only get a lump sum of $60,000 if their marriage lasts two to five years. Where if there is no pre-nup he could possibly get spousal support, since Shepherd apparently made a whopping $1 million back in 2010 compared to Sally’s $30,000 earnings.

A source close to Sherri Shepherd stated she is trying to protect her son, Jeffrey. She wants to protect him from all the scrutiny that is coming along with having a public break-up. However, Shepherd did have a little good news, she recently reunited with some of her fellow The View co-hosts and friends. All 11 past and present co-hosts of ABC’s The View returned to say farewell to Barbara Walter, Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck shared the stage for the first time since their highly publicized fight in 2007. Giving Sherri Shepherd on moment of peace for the craziness of her personal life and the stress of both custody battles. For now she was just bidding farewell to her friend.

By Virginia Snowden


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