Sofia Vergara and Fiance Nick Loeb Blame Lack of Time for Their Split

Sofia Vergara and Fiance Nick Loeb Blame Lack of Time for Their Split

On Friday, May 23, Sofia Vergara of Modern Family revealed that she and her fiance, wealthy brokerage firm heir Nick Loeb, have split up, ending their engagement. The couple had become engaged in July 2012, after having dated since 2010. They cited time issues as the reason for calling off their engagement.

Sofia Vergara, 41, utilized the social media site, WhoSay, to post the announcement on Friday that her engagement with her longtime boyfriend had ended. As she and Nick Loeb, 38, both have very busy schedules, Vergara wrote that they had been having problems “having to figure out how to spend time together.” Though the couple still remain “very close,” according to Vergara, both she and Loeb had been experiencing more and more problems with their busy schedules and trying to find time to spend with each other. She wrote in the statement that they both “believe this is the best thing for us right now.”

Sofia Vergara definitely has a very full schedule, as she stars in Modern Family as Gloria Delgado. Modern Family has been renewed for its sixth season. Also, Vergara is starring in an upcoming movie that’s currently being filmed inn New Orleans, Don’t Mess With Texas. Reese Witherspoon is one of her fellow co-stars in the movie. Businessman Nick Loeb is no stranger to having a hectic schedule, either, being involved with his own brokerage firm.

In June 2012, rumors circulated that Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb had separated, but those rumors were proven to be false when Vergara was seen wearing a large diamond ring in July. Nick Loeb proposed to Vergara as they were celebrating her 40th birthday together at the Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico.

Everything regarding the couple’s engagement seemed to be going along fine, even this past October, 2013. However, in January, Vergara said in an interview with E! News that “I have to plan a very big wedding” and she would have to have a long time to both “plan the wedding” and also to “take time off after the wedding because it’s going to be big.”

Finding time was not in the cards, though, for Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb. They were both kept too busy with other commitments and time constraints. When Vergara was interviewed on Ellen in January, 2104, she confessed that she had nothing at all planned in regards to her wedding with Loeb.

Sofia Vergara and Loeb knew when they became engaged in 2012 that it was difficult to have a professional life while maintaining a happy personal life. They managed to accomplish this, though, for approximately two years. But, the “fun” just wasn’t here anymore for the couple, according to Vergara’s WhoSay announcement.

The Modern Family star has one son, Manolo, 21, from her marriage to Joe Gonzalez. It’s unknown if the stress of trying to plan a big wedding on top of maintaining a personal and professional life was just a bit too much for Sofia Vergara to handle right now, but it certainly must have added to the stress of her life.

Though the beautiful Colombian actress mentioned that she wanted a big wedding, Sofia Vergara also stated that having to plan “something big” like she did for her “40th birthday” took up a lot of time. That possibly prompted her to say that she could see herself “doing something very small and intimate with my closest relatives and friends.” Unfortunately, the engagement between Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb has been called off, at least for now, because of time constraints and their mutual busy schedules.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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