Solange Knowles: Repeated Shows of Solidarity


Singer Solange Knowles had a private moment become a public issue last week when footage of her physically attacking her brother-in-law, Jay Z, was leaked to the press. It is not a strange occurrence to have some kind of problem with a family member or even an in-law. But when that family member happens to be one of the most famous singers in the world and that in-law happens to be her just-as-famous rapper husband, things can get a lot more complicated. The elevator brawl between Knowles and Jay Z after the Met Gala captured the attention of many, but it was the non-actions of Beyoncé, the older sister of Solange, that really caught many people off guard. In the footage, Beyoncé simply seems to stand there while her sister viciously attacks her husband. While the video itself was shocking on its own, it is now the repeated shows of solidarity from the Knowles sisters that are making the situation even more questionable.

Four days after the video impacted the web, a joint statement was released from Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z. It read that while both parties involved in the actual fight took their share of the blame, they would be moving forward from the incident. “They both have apologized to each other,” it read, “and we have moved forward as a united family.” The statement alone should have been the end-all to the entire drama, but it has crossed over and continued to play out through pictures posted on the social media website, Instagram.

On Tuesday, a day after the video was released, media outlets began to pick up that Solange, 27, had deleted almost every picture she had taken with her older sister, down from the site. People alleged that it possibly had to do with Beyoncé seemingly taking the side of her husband following the altercation. But just two days later, Solange seemed to have a change of heart and shared an image of she and her sister together as youngsters. It played as show of solidarity between the two sisters, but soon after, things began to get even more strange.

Beyoncé, who has remained silent following the release of the statement, began to somewhat open up through her own posts on Instagram. Beginning on Wednesday, May 14, she posted pictures of intimate moments shared with her sister. It culminated with a recent image of the two. Beyoncé even went as far as to tag the picture with the location and date it was taken: “New Orleans. May 17, 2014.” If a picture speaks a thousand words, then the strongest word of that picture would probably be “sisters.” One wonders if it was really needed?

Understandably, we all go through some personal bouts with our families. Some are not as intense as what transpired between Solange and Jay Z, but sometimes, they are. If a moment like that occurs and we realize the point where things went wrong, apologies are made, peace is brought into the situation and we go on being family members. There is no real need to rehash a situation that has been claimed to be over. It actually says that they have moved on in the statement. “We’ve put this behind us,” it reads, “and hope everyone else will do the same.” The public has mostly moved on, but it seems like these pictures are only helping to pull everyone back in.

With a massive joint tour coming up that is based on a strong family dynamic, the need to show the bond between Jay Z and Beyoncé is not surprising. However, there has been no real mention of him other than the release of a promotional video for the upcoming On The Run tour. Beyoncé and Solange Knowles’ repeated shows of solidarity are nice to see, but the problem apparently never was between them and if it was, then it seemed to be dealt with quickly. So the question remains: if it is truly a done deal, why continue to beat a dead horse? Something still seems a bit off here. If we are to believe that every image tells a thousand words, there are another 999 that have yet to be revealed.

Opinion by Jonathan Brown


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