South Africa President Jacob Zuma the Fiefdom of the Ruling Party

South Africa

Jacob Zuma is a strong character and is the fiefdom of the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party. Zuma, the president of both South Africa and the ANC, has portrayed a sense of endless leadership within his party. In the face of another five years rule as the country’s president, Zuma critics remain skeptical of his leadership abilities. However, despite their criticism, today marks the inauguration of Zuma as president of South Africa for another five years.

The truth is that the multiculturalism of South Africa has become the operative method of establishing Zuma as a fiefdom. The last five years under the Zuma spell have shown a remarkable climb in the evaluation of his charisma, in development but also in poverty. The living conditions for many people have deteriorated to such a degrading position that for many, crime is now the only source of survival. It defies logic that in the face of such poverty Zuma has managed to hold the ANC party and citizens of South Africa in a continued state of confusion and his political and international connections have ensured he remains in power for yet another term of five years.

Former presidents Mandela and Mbeki were both charming, charismatic and guided by the massive political structures of their party. The new constitution played a prominent part of changing South Africa from terrorist control to a free and democratic country. However, the powerful dominant structure of corruption has blinded the leaders to the plight of the poor. Zuma takes his leadership to the extreme and manages to overwhelm his supporters by beating the drum of freedom for all.

Zuma and the ANC party have lost the appeal of the middle to upper class supporters and Zuma remains a predominantly rural party leader. The rural people are the masses who believe Zuma and the ANC are the eternal fiefdom of South Africa. It is their obliging blinded responsibility to keep the ANC in power and to ignore or fail to understand democracy.

While Zuma remains the undisputed leader and continues to rule with a cloud of deceit and looming threats, South Africa falters into a divided country. Zuma will have an opportunity to appoint new members into his cabinet and many varied and favored ones will be appointed to enhance his fiefdom. During his past five year period, Zuma reshuffled his cabinet four times. Perhaps the newly appointed will give an indication of how powerful Zuma certainly is. Several top ANC officials have gathered around Zuma and promote his genuine ability to govern South Africa with an iron fist. The new cabinet minister and all who will be classified as mighty protectors of Zuma will show undying dedication to his rule. Zuma sets the course, and the followers continue to drive behind his yielding power with the might of the South African economy.

Although factions and political struggles forming within the political entity are not ruled out, the power yielded on matters of minor consequences within the country remain unresolved and unchecked. The ANC fiefdom will eventually collapse as poverty, crime and corruption emerge into powerless levels. Tribalism, racism, and multiculturalism should be challenged by Zuma on his weaknesses and not as a Zulu culture.

The next five years may change the outlook of Zuma’s leadership as his popularity dwindles and service deliveries drown the people into unprecedented levels of poverty and crime. The people are annoyed, their frustration is ready to explode which could create a situation not even Zuma will know how to control. The rural masses who continue to chant and sing the praises of Zuma might gain a true insight into the truly awkward situation of the country.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have officially gained a few seats in parliament, and with the “Big Bad Boy” attitude of Julius Malema, the political scene will be a playground of snide remarks, candid opinions and opportunity to claim a share of the cake. The ANC will have a decidedly majority vote to enact new laws and the opposition parties, however, justified their argument might be, remain nothing more than another form of opinion.

The leadership issues in all of the political parties lead to the fiefdom of one stronger person, and Zuma is established as the fiefdom of the ANC who will continue to dominate South Africa using the same procedures as previously done. The mighty strength of the ANC will continue with their self enrichment plans and socialist governing plans to destroy the vast resources of the country and let the people continue to live in a third world socialist country.

By Laura Oneale

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