Stephen Sutton Trolled for Miracle Recovery

Stephen SuttonPeople continue to show that more compassion is needed after Stephen Sutton has been trolled online for his miracle recovery. The teenager made headlines after encouraging people to donate money to charity, which led to a number of celebrities getting involved. He was close to death at the start of his campaign and in hospital, but was recently released.

The inspirational 19-year-old raised over £3 million for Teenage Cancer Trust with the help of some big names. He started with the mission to raise just £10,000 for the charity when he found out he had terminal cancer. Within a year, he had raised over half a million pounds through donations to his Just Giving page and charity events put on by others.

His new goal was to raise £1 million, and he hoped to do it before he died. Before the celebrity involvement, he was laying in hospital with hopes that he would be able to make it to the next day. Things did not look hopeful and comedian Jason Manford got involved. Since then, over £3 million was raised through donations, and Sutton continued to share updates on his health.

At the end of April, he announced that he “coughed up a tumor,” and could breathe much easier than recently. However, he was still ill and remaining in hospital. It was just a few days later that he announced he was well enough to go back home. That was when the internet trolls came out and started attacking Sutton for his miracle recovery.

A number of people have questioned whether the teenager was as ill as he made out. He made 200 percent more than his £1 million target, and is suddenly no longer on death’s door. It has led to the 19-year-old fighting his own corner stating that he is still suffering from the terminal illness. There is no recovery.

One thing that people have to remember is the money was never going towards the teenager. He was doing this for charity. All the money went to Teenage Cancer Trust, so people have not lost out by donating anything. They have not been duped into anything, even if the boy’s story turns out to be a lie, which it most likely is not.

There are still a number of things on his bucket list, including one that has recently been gained. He wanted to set the record for the most hearts made out of hands, and that was recently managed with 554 people involved.

It is possible to follow Sutton’s story of battling with cancer and ticking off things on his bucket list through his own website. He also has the hashtag #stephensstory for Twitter, which unfortunately a number of trolls are using to share their “anger” at feeling duped and conned.

However, the 19-year-old states that he is still ill, and views this new part of his life as a gift. He is going to use it productively and start planning more events and crazy stunts as he tries to raise more money and tick off more things from his list. Right now, though, Sutton also has to fight off the people online who are trolling him for his miracle recovery.

By Alexandria Ingham


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