Amazon and Twitter Partnership Means Everyone Can See a Shopping Cart

AmazonAmazon and Twitter have created a partnership that means everyone can see anything that is placed in a shopping cart. However, that is only the case when using social media to add the items. That is all that will be visible, and is only visible through the social media platform.

The new partnership is designed to make purchasing items through the low-cost shopping site quicker and easier. It is possible to see an item available on Twitter, and just add it to the shopping cart with one tweet using the hashtag #AmazonCart (for US users) and #AmazonBasket (for UK users). Users will receive a tweet confirmation from Amazon to say that the item has been added to the cart, and is waiting for the user to finish the transaction. An email confirmation is also sent to the email address on file at the shopping website.

Unlike the one-click setting on the website, this does not instantly lead to a person buying something. The user will need to go to the website, log into the account (if not already) and then pay for the items. Without this, many would worry about hackers or impulse buys just by seeing a pretty item on the social media site.

There is another catch. The two accounts need to be linked. This ensures that only the owner of the shopping cart can add items and then go to pay.

However, some people may worry that this new Amazon and Twitter partnership means everyone can see the items in a shopping cart. That is because the hashtag is public, so Twitter users will be able to search for ideas using that hashtag to see the items other people buy. The good news is only items bought using that hashtag will be available. The full details in the shopping cart left private, and the payment details are not available.

Currently, only users in the United States and United Kingdom get a chance to try out the new system. It will be rolled out in other countries if it proves to be successful and a function that is high in demand.

It is certainly a unique idea, and solves problems for many people. There are always times customers see a great gift, and then have to spend time searching for it on Amazon. Guessing the right keywords can be difficult. The tweet with the hashtag makes it extremely quick, and users can double check the right item was added afterwards.

The only items that will not be available are lightening deals. These are added to the shopping giant’s front page, and only discounted for an hour or two at a time. People have to be online at the right time to take full advantage. Tweeting the hashtag for these deals will not lead to items being added because there is no guarantee a user will go back to the shopping cart in time to take advantage.

There are limitations, and it is still a very new system. However, there are advantages visible and it could solve problems for a few users who see something they like and want it. It is worth bearing in mind that the use of the hashtag means that the Amazon and Twitter partnership means everyone can see things added to the shopping cart.

By Alexandria Ingham


Wall Street Journal


USA Today

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