Grey’s Anatomy Actors Sign for Two More Seasons

Grey's AnatomyFour more Grey’s Anatomy actors have signed on for another two seasons. The news comes after main stars, Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsy, signed similar deals at the start of the year. So far, there are only three actors definitely not staying on for any more seasons, but there is still no confirmation that the network is taking the series past its current 10th season.

James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers and Sara Ramirez have agreed to sign on for another two seasons, meaning they will do a season 11 and 12 of the hit medical drama. They play Dr. Richard Webber, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Dr. Alex Karev, and Dr. Callie Torez respectively.

There are no signs that any others except for Sandra Oh, Gaius Charles and Tessa Ferrer will leave as of yet. It will be interesting to see how the latter two will be leaving. After last Thursday’s episodes, signs are pointing that Oh’s character, Dr. Christina Yang, will leave to take over a hospital in Zurich, Switzerland.

Last Thursday’s episode saw Isaiah Washington’s Dr. Preston Burke return. He paid for Yang’s flight to Zurich and made it clear at the end that he wanted her to take over the running of the hospital. She would be able to take her project to the next stage, and have a better chance of winning a Harper Avery, which she had previously been cheated out of winning due to the Harper Avery Foundation owning Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

The four actors who have signed on for two more Grey’s Anatomy seasons point in the direction that the show will be picked up for at least one more season. However, there has currently been no confirmation from network bosses. It may have always been the plan to end the show at season 10, but it looks promising that so many original characters want to remain. There are still some major characters that have still not announced their decisions, which could drastically affect the chances of continuing the show.

There are questions surrounding the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy interns who arrived at the start of season nine. Charles, who plays Dr. Shane Ross, and Ferrer, who plays Dr. Leah Murphy, have not shared how they will leave the show or whether they can return in the future. The show has a bad habit of killing off characters when the actors decide to leave. This was seen at the end of season eight when Chyler Leigh left. The show runners decided it was time to kill off Dr. Lexie Grey. The start of season nine then saw the death of Dr. Mark Sloan due to Eric Dane deciding it was time to move on.

Characters that have moved on to pastures new have rarely been seen or mentioned afterwards. Katherine Heigl appeared for one episode, Washington only recently reappeared and Kim Raver has only been mentioned in passing.

For now, speculations are that the show will be renewed at least for one more series. It is certainly good news that four Grey’s Anatomy actors have signed on for two more seasons, after the announcement that two had signed on at the start of 2014.

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