Sterling Says Magic Johnson Should Be Ashamed of Having AIDS



Donald Sterling has expressed his view that basketball star Magic Johnson should be ashamed of having AIDS, and that he is is a bad example for the children of Los Angeles. These comments were made in a tell-all interview with anchor Anderson Cooper that aired on CNN Monday night.

Sterling sat down with Cooper to address the allegations that he made racist remarks against the African-American public. Earlier this month, an audio recording was leaked on the internet, which contained a very heated argument with then-girlfriend Vivian Stiviano, during which Sterling expressed his discontent that Stiviano had released an Instagram photo in which she was shown in the company of Johnson.

Sterling told Cooper that he felt Johnson should be ashamed of having AIDS because, in Sterling’s opinion, it was deserved based on the lifestyle that the disgraced ex-Clippers owner believed Johnson chose to live in the 1990s. Sterling alleged that Johnson had engaged in frequent relations with copious amounts of women in a multitude of locations. Because of this, Sterling continued, he did not feel that Johnson was adequate to be looked upon as a role model by children. Sterling also alleged that Johnson himself had not made a decent enough effort to assist minorities. Sterling gave no indication as to whether he was aware that Johnson does not, in fact, have AIDS, but rather HIV.

In regards to the earlier allegations of racism based on the leaked audio recording with Stiviano, Sterling stated his belief that Johnson had been involved in the matter in a clever ruse to become owner of the Clippers himself. In regards to Stiviano, Sterling believes he was tricked into believing the relationship was legitimate, but ultimately ended up being used by the woman in order to satisfy her own gain and ruin his reputation. Sterling then went on to say that Cooper himself was a racist, expressing his opinion that Cooper had more of a “plantation mentality” than Sterling did. In terms of his future with the Clippers, Sterling said he does not feel that the team feels ill of him in any way. He stated that he believes he and the members of the team belong to each other and was adamant that they still care for him.

The fate of the Clippers is currently unknown, as Sterling has been unwilling to sell the team. The ex-owner of the team has been on a mission to sue the National Basketball Association since his dismissal, but is hitting endless roadblocks in terms of finding representation. It is reported that all of the law firms he has approached to assist in his case feel that getting involved with Sterling would ruin their credibility. His estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, has reportedly stated that she wants to be fully involved when it comes to any potential sales. It is unknown as of yet how Sterling’s comment that Johnson should be ashamed of having AIDS will further affect the current situation he is involved in with the Clippers.

by Rebecca Grace


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