Super Smash Bros ‘For Glory’ or ‘For Fun’

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The new Super Smash Bros. video game is set to release this summer. With it comes an expanded roster, sharper graphics, and now it seems that there will be two new modes added to the online multiplayer game mode. It has been announced that the two new online modes of the highly anticipated fighting game will cater to casual gamers and also hardcore fighting game fans. The Super Smash Bros game modes are “For Glory” and “For Fun.”

Updates for the Super Smash Bros. video game have been springing up everywhere for the longest time. This game will be graced with some of the coolest and most popular characters from all over the Nintendo universe. Characters from popular games like Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, and Mario Brothers will be featured along with a large cast of new and old faces from Nintendo’s great collection of games. Some characters have been seen by fans many times and some others are fresh faces that are making a Smash Bros. debut. The new pokemon Greninja is one of the newest characters to be featured in the games character selection. The Blue Bomber known as Mega Man is also making another appearance in this fighting game. Mega Man was last in a fighting game when he was featured in the classic Marvel vs. Capcom and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

The new online fight modes, “For Fun” and “For Glory,” showing up in the game are updated from the ones that showed up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The first new mode is “For Fun.” As the name implies, this is the mode that allows players to dive into the network and challenge one or more opponents to a fun and unranked fight. In this mode, the stage may be littered with random items that will vary from a baseball bat to a colorful floating orb that allows players to use a character “Final Smash Attack.” The “For Fun” setting allows players to choose what stage they wish to play on. Each stage is unique in its own way and will challenge players in many different ways. Some stages will have a small distraction occur in a one or multiple parts of the platform. Others have larger effects that can range from background changes to destructive obstacles coming from any direction.

The second online mode is known as “For Glory.” This mode is tailored to players who take the game much more seriously than the casual players. Unlike in the previous mode, there are no randomly littered items, and the stage selection is locked to one stage that goes by the name of “Final Destination.” The stage is only a single floating platform. It provides players with a distraction free battle zone. With no items the players are forced to rely on skill and ingenuity. Glory fights are ranked. This means that the more a player wins, the higher their rank gets and the stronger their next opponent will be. However, if a player loses, they could fall in rank and be set back to weaker opponents while they work their way back up. Since the fights are ranked and meant to cater to players who are looking for serious challenges, the guys down at Nintendo have devised a way to discourage un-sportsman like conduct.  Players who violate the rules by cheating, self destruction, or plaintively not playing fair, will be banned from the online part of the game for a set amount of time. The length of a player’s banishment gets longer the more they misbehave.

From these two modes alone it is easy to see why players are excited for this particular title. The characters have astounding and diverse attack style, the stages are well thought out, and the game modes are a great way to stretch the competitive muscle with a worthy opponent or just have fun with someone on the network. Game players will look forward to fighting in the new Super Smash Bros. “For Fun” and “For Glory” this summer. Be on the lookout for the official Smash Bros. event that is coming to select Best Buy locations in the near future.

By Mike White

International Digital Times
The Epoch Times

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