Taylor Swift Advocates Wo-mance

Taylor Swift


The advocacy for women’s rights is ready to bring about their own “wo-mance,” with girls like Taylor Swift leading by example. Sad as it may be, women can have a very mean reputation for being catty and judgmental of other people, and use terms like “girl” derogatorily. A female might casually tease a male and say “ don’t be such a girl,” as if the term did not apply to her. Men and women are both guilty for misogynist terms being littered into daily vocabulary. Even a harmless word like “girl” can be insulting depending on the tone and context of its use. There are so many other demeaning terms for women that are casually being laid into conversation without even so much as batting an eyelash.

Taylor Swift chooses to stand against the rage against the woman, declaring that there is “a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” As a young, beautiful woman who wrote a great number of songs about boys, Swift has made herself an easy target for other judgmental eyes. To jump to the conclusion that she is “boy-crazy” would be a common reaction for many disapproving feminist women. Those so-called “wo-mance” loving women are ironically advocating against women like Swift, for her less-than-manly contribution to society.

Though women do not need “wo-mance” to balance out “bro-mance,” there is a nice ring to a girls-night-out without advocating trash talk on Taylor Swift and her songs. Even Swift has been making more public appearances with other female celebrities like Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham. The media has made the same efforts to follow Swift in her outings with the ladies as it has in the past with her outings with the boys.

While the feminist movement has always been advocating for equality with men politically, socially, and economically, much of it denies the individuality that separates one woman, like Taylor Swift, to another, like Tina Fey, decimating any hopes of “wo-mance.” Feminism calls all women to the front lines in the fight against male chauvinism, but it demands it in such specific ways that it refuses to acknowledge that women are inherently different from men, and that everyone is different from each other under the umbrella of humanity. There are plenty of things men are terrible at that women excel in, and vice versa, and there will always be exceptions to the rule. It does not always mean the exceptions have to become the rule.

Carl Miller, a co-founder and Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media plainly advocated, “there is an important body of moral norms and understandings about how to treat each other decently online that we are missing and desperately need to promote,” after revealing that women are lacking in “wo-mance” on the internet sphere, as they attack girls like Taylor Swift or casually and derogatorily label women. There is no need to publicly or privately shame another individual when aiming for reform. It leads women to hate each other rather than hate things like impatience, unkindness, envy, arrogance, and bitterness.

Opinion by Sophia Bien

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  2. The Tina Fey thing was a joke she took personally. Also, hilarious how a slut shaming song is on the same album as “Mean”,.

  3. I think she is right both should be responsible
    for constituting a family no one should dominate each other.

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