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Taylor Swift After Selena Gomez: Who Is the New BFF

Taylor Swift After Selena Gomez Who Is the New BFF

After speculation that Taylor Swift moved to New York City after being dropped by Selena Gomez to keep out of the messy limelight that her former pal is now in, the big question on everyone’s mind is who is going to be her new BFF. Auditions are clearly being held as the Internet is full of photos showing the 24 year-old award winning singer/songwriter having a great time since Selena dropped her like a hot rock. Sadly for Gomez, it was all about the “worthiness” of Canadian pop star and “love rat” Justin Bieber who, after Selena made her choice to stay with the singer, repaid his lady love’s devotion by stepping out with one of her new pals, Kendall Jenner.


Of course, Swift already knew that Bieber was not to be trusted in the relationship department. Good old common sense, which many of these young star do not have, would have told Gomez that any lad who spends a lot of time in Brazilian brothels with “sex workers” would not be a good long term prospect for a relationship. Apparently big hearted Taylor has been trying to get in touch with her former BFF but to no avail. Selena has purged herself of all “negative” influences and that includes, apparently, Taylor Swift. In a move that seems to be more about cutting off her nose to spite her face Gomez is shifting direction and starting anew. Which is, coincidentally, just what Swift is doing after being dumped by Selena and moving to the Big Apple. She also seems to be on the lookout for a new BFF.

Outside of the new best buddy hunt by the country/pop singer/songwriter, Swift has done some professional hiring and firing. It has been reported that Taylor has axed her previous, and long serving, PR person Paula Erickson and taken on one Tree Paine to be her new rep. The red headed PR has said that she’s very pleased to be given the opportunity to represent Swift and she has set up a new publicity company, called Premium PR, and she has already gone out on Twitter to tweet angrily at those who dare to write spurious accounts of her new client.

Using the Twitter handle of @treepaine the new publicist is calling out those publications that make it a habit of posting articles that need to be taken either with a bucket load of salt or not at all. Sounds like Taylor has picked a red headed tiger to handle her PR. Leaving the world of publicity behind and looking at how Taylor has handled the sudden “abandon ship” move by Gomez shows that while she may care about friends and loved ones, she also knows when to leave the party without causing a scene. While she obviously had Bieber’s number from the start, she left it up to her former BFF Selena Gomez to make the decision of staying friends with Swift or sticking with the Canadian singer. Sadly, the 21 year-old actress/singer made the wrong choice and after sticking with Justin has had her heart broken. Taylor will now be on the look out for a new BFF and, like Gomez, is starting anew with a different set of pals.

By Michael Smith


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