Ten Crimes That Took the World by Storm

CrimesEveryday there are crimes that strike in all corners of the globe. However, now and then certain crimes are so shocking, so unimaginable that they induce such emotion in the global public. Here is a list of ten crimes that have taken the world by storm.

Jeffrey Dahmer

What shocked the world about Dahmer’s killings was the gruesome fact that he ate certain body parts of his victims. One of the most famous of serial killers, Dahmer murdered and then dismembered 17 male victims in and surrounding the Milwaukee area. His freezer and fridge were packed with body parts that Dahmer ate due to the sexual thrill that it gave him. Dahmer was charged and sentenced to 16 life sentences but died in 1994 after being beaten to death by a prison inmate.

Amanda Knox

In Perugia, Italy, in 2009 Amanda Knox made headlines everywhere when she was convicted for the murder of Meredith Kercher, Knox’s roommate. In 2007 Kercher was found stabbed to death and along with Knox, police said that her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito as well as Rudy Guede, a known drifter. The Seattle college student’s wild sexual behaviour surfaced and Knox began to display very odd behaviour after the murder. The trial kept everyone on their toes not knowing what the end result would finally be. Knox was sentenced to 26 years from the Italian court but that was overturned in 2011 and then in 2013 that acquittal was overturned again sending the case back for reconsideration in a lower court. Sollecito’s conviction was also overturned on appeal and was later reversed. Guede was charged with sexual assault and murder and sentenced to 16 years in 2008.

The Columbine Massacre

In 1999, new fear entered the hearts and minds of people all over the world when two students walked into Columbine High school and started shooting. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, after scrupulous planning, shot and killed 12 students, one teacher and ended up wounding 24 other innocent victims. The two boys went as far as to have bombs inside the cafeteria made from propane tanks as well as 99 other explosive materials to divert the attention of firefighters and police. After the shooting and before getting caught, Klebold and Harris took their own lives.

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy engrossed the world with his good looks and his confession of killing 30 women in a period of 4 years. From 1974-1978, Bundy says he hoaxed the women into thinking he needed help and then attacked and killed them when they would offer aid. Bundy would then have sex with many of the corpses and after beheading the victims, keeping their heads as tokens. The serial killer was caught once after escaping prison and in 1978 was found again in Florida after another escape. The world was on alert every time Bundy slipped through the hands of the law but took a sigh of relief when the mass murderer was put to death by electric chair in 1989.

JonBenet Ramsey

The world was in mourning when the little pageant girl from Boulder, Colorado was found dead in her home on Christmas night. The 6-year-old girl was strangled and had blunt force trauma to her head when she was found in the basement by her father, John. JonBenet was found after the police were given a ransom note that both John and Patsy Ramsey said they had found inside their home. Though both parents were looked upon as possible suspects they adamantly claimed that they were innocent of the crime. No one has been charged with her murder as of yet. Her mother, Patsy, died in 2006 of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Conrad Murray

The death of Michael Jackson sent ripples of sadness and shock throughout the world and when Dr. Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter, the world paid attention. Jackson, who was reported to have trouble sleeping, was given propofol. Propofol is a very powerful and dangerous hypnotic/amnestic agent and normally used in a hospitals for surgery and always under the strict watch of a professional, in case the patient stops breathing or has other complications. When other drugs did not help put the singer to sleep, Murray was giving Jackson this serious drug at Jackson’s private home. Though more court action is taking place with the death of superstar Michael Jackson, Dr. Murray was found guilty to involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

Ariel Castro

Normally when children go missing and are not found or returned to their homes quickly, it usually means only one thing. So when three missing girls finally showed up alive and safe, the world was relieved and stunned that they were kidnapped and hidden inside a suburban home for so long. Georgina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight were the young girls rescued from the Cleveland home where they were forced to live unspeakable horrors. After being locked away and raped for ten years the girls were finally free and Castro plead guilty saying, “I am not a monster. I am a normal person. I am just sick.” However, Castro never served his life sentence as he took his own life by hanging, found dead in his cell on September 3, 2013.

Jodi Arias

When Travis Alexander, a salesman living in Mesa, Arizona, was found dead in his home it was a grisly scene for the authorities. In addition to being stabbed 27 times and shot, Alexander’s throat was slit so deep it was almost severed from his body. His ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias was arrested for the crime. The estranged couple have had many sexual relations and had an on-again/off-again relationship for some time. During the televised trial the couple’s racy sex life was exposed and Arias, changing her story once again, said she had killed Alexander in self-defense. The jury did not buy into Arias’ story and she was found guilty of murder on May 8, 2013.

O.J. Simpson

Not many people will ever forget the trial of O.J. Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend, Ronald Goldman. The bodies were found stabbed to death in front of Nicole’s home in Brentwood California. After the unforgettable car chase, many were worried that O.J. would take his own life and was soon arrested. The football star had a televised trial which many were calling the “Trial of The Century” which included a dream team of lawyers. Robert Kardashian, father to the Kardashian reality stars and also O.J.’s friend was part of that team. The defense attacked the handling of the famous bloody glove where the saying was birthed, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” To the worlds shock and horror, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in 1995. However, thirteen years later, Simpson was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping and sent to prison in 2008.

Casey Anthony

It all began in 2008 when grandmother, Cindy Anthony, reported that granddaughter Caylee was missing. Suspicion exploded immediately when Cindy also told police that her daughter’s car had reeked of a horrible smell, as if a dead body had been inside of it. The public wanted to know why Casey had not reported her daughter missing herself. The story then came out that Casey had told authorities that a nanny had kidnapped Caylee which was proven to be a lie. The trial was sensationalized and the American public and people from all over the world tuned in to one of the biggest trials since O.J. Simpson. After pictures of Casey surfaced partying just days after Caylee had been reported missing, only enraged Americans more. Recordings of Casey in jail were publicized and it seemed to everyone that Casey was nothing but a liar and a murderer. The trial that took the world by storm ended when Casey Anthony was found not guilty on July 5, 2011 for the murder of her daughter. Americans and viewers everywhere were shocked and angry over the verdict. The little girl’s dead body was finally located in woods very near to the family’s home in a garbage bag. Since the acquittal, Casey Anthony has refused to sign on to any movie or book deals but she still remains one of the world’s most hated mothers.

Though this is only a list of ten crimes that took the world by storm, there are so many that still evoke emotion. These crimes are just a list of ten that shocked the world in recent years.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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