Texas Woman Lives Nightmare When She Finds African Python in Her Bathroom

Texas Woman Lives Nightmare When She Finds African Python In Her Bathroom

A Texas woman found herself living a nightmare when she went to her bathroom and found an African python in her bathroom. Veronica Rodriguez stated that the sight was a huge fright. She was still visibly shaken from the happening when she spoke to the media on Monday, even eight days after the snake was found inside her home.

It is believed that the python got into her home through a back door, but just exactly when the snake slithered in is not known. That is what is so scary for the single mother, age 50, of a high school senior. It was around 6 p.m. when she decided to give her three pet guinea pigs a bath. Her daughter was away at her job. After giving each one its bath, she took it outside to let it run inside a penned area while she scrubbed its cage. She always left the back door open.

Rodriguez figured that the door was left open around two or three minutes every time she went outside to her backyard. However she and the guinea pigs were back inside the house before it became dark. Around 9 p.m. she received a phone call from her own mother.

She stated that while she was on the phone she kept hearing noises coming from the back. She first thought it was the guinea pigs. She went and checked on them but found nothing amiss. After a few moments, she began to hear noises again so she went to the bathroom.

When she flipped on the light, she saw the python; it was crawling up into her tub. She quickly slammed the door and hurried outside. While her mother rang her brother to see if he could help her, Rodriguez called nine-one-one and police officer Tony Gonzales soon came on scene.

She exclaimed that when Officer Gonzales arrived, he had a brown paper sack. She stated that she told him he was going to need a much bigger sack. Gonzales, who has been a police officer around five years, declared he had been on three prior snake calls, but nothing like this one.

He stated when he opened the bathroom door, inside was a python that was at least 12 foot long. He had no idea what he was going to do. He had dispatchers send in animal control. Shortly animal control came with a 10-gallon bucket.

The officers decided to use a trash can as a temporary holding shelter for the snake, but getting it in there was a struggle. The python did not want to go in there. Finally the snake was transported to a reptile rescue facility, but has since been claimed and returned to its owner.

Rodriguez says she has been overly cautious about seeing that doors are closed since the incident. She stated that she was really spooked by the snake. She has had nightmares about the event and states that the sight was very scary. She is still shaken from the happening and it happened eight days ago.

By Kimberly Ruble


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