‘The Evil Within’ Release Set

The Evil Within

Survival horror will be coming to a store near you this year. The Evil Within, a new horror-action game, was originally set for release in August but has now been postponed until October–just before Halloween. Shinji Mikami, the producer of Resident Evil, which is a survival horror series, continues to leave his mark in survival horror with the creation of The Evil Within.

This story is produced through combining “highly-crafted environments” and “horrifying anxiety,” that will have gamers sitting at the edge of their seats. The story-line is based on a detective named Sebastian Castellanos, who comes into contact with a “mysterious and powerful force” during his investigation of a horrendous mass murder scene. After Sebastian witnesses the gruesome killings of the police officers with whom he has been working, he is knocked out cold. When he awakens from unconsciousness, he finds that he has somehow become a part of a disturbed world “where hideous creatures wander among the dead.” Sebastian begins to fight for his life in this new terrifying realm while he investigates where the source of the evil lies.

The Evil Within is a single player game that is played in a third-person shooter perspective, however, the ammunition will not be the main source of weaponry. The player may be left with no choice but to use knives, axes and landmines but will also have the opportunity to use stealth tactics in fighting off the revolting monsters. Gruesome and horrific imagery, with the unexpected environmental shifts, is intended to make this game somewhat of a psychological thriller. Passageways, doors and buildings will suddenly change, making players feel that anything can happen at any given time. Players will be facing cruel and brutal traps and encountering merciless beasts while they continue their fight for survival.

The game consists of four levels of difficulty which are casual, survival, hard and “akumu” which means “worst dream” in Japanese. As for the game’s controls, the “Heads Up Display” will be minimal and players will have the option to turn it off completely in order to create a more engaging experience.  The controls will allow for players to move and shoot at the same time. Players will also be able to select their weapons during the game using the control pad or through a radial menu.

Shinji Mikami, a Japanese video game designer, had originally planned for The Evil Within to be a vampire-hunting action game. After receiving feedback that vampire games were not highly sought after, he decided to design a horror game. Mikami, who calls himself the “father of survival horror,” set out to create a horror game that is based on fear, tension and thrilling action. He said earlier in the year that he wanted to “explore fear again, and that sense of overcoming fear, one that’s unique to games.” The Evil Within, which is not yet rated, is set for release on October 21 in North America and October 24 in Europe. It will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

By: Sarah Temori


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