‘The Order 1886’ Is Officially Delayed Until 2015

The Order 1886

The highly anticipated video game- The Order: 1886 –has been officially delayed until an undeclared date in 2015. The Creators, Ready at Dawn, are not ready for the game to be released, having slaved over its creation since it was merely an idea. The creators want to set the bar very high for The Order: 1886, part of the reason for delay, and intend to have every detail of the game perfected upon its release in 2015.

Dana Jan, the game’s director, mentioned that there comes a point in game development where the creators sit back, analyze where the game is currently and weigh that with where they want the game to be upon release. Basically, the game is not at the desired level quite yet so Jan and the team are going to continue to develop the game. This decision will be a disappointment for many fans anticipating its release, though the decision will likely be forgiven once gamers have The Order: 1886 in their personal console and set off on the steampunk adventure.

The Order: 1886 is set in Victorian London, late 1800’s. The player is immersed in a developed war and must use advanced technology to mold history. The game possesses a steampunk flair, with technology and wardrobe on par with the popular fashion trend of today.

Originally set to release fall of 2014, the game is one of the most anticipated releases in line with the new Sony Playstation 4. This Victorian masterpiece will be the first next-generation game released by Ready at Dawn. The character that will be controlled by the gamer is a knight who is fighting some human and animal-like monsters, with frequent doses of magic and mystery. The Order: 1886 was one of the more anticipated games shown at the E3 convention for the new system, the Playstation 4. Due to this, the delay will sting for many until they can finally hold the game in their hands in 2015. The hype was and still is astronomical, and that hype will likely be put on hiatus but not disappear come the release in 2015.

The crew understands that pushing the release back may be very disappointing for fans, though they are looking forward to the extra time granted to finish the product to their very high standards. Because of this delay all of the energy of focused fans will be pent up again to be released on a to-be-determined release date in 2015. The hype will undoubtedly be incredible by that time.

The Order: 1886 will likely not disappoint anxious fans upon its release. Ready at Dawn and Sony have been relatively secretive about the game’s release even when it was expected later this year, so more information until 2015 should not be expected, though the producers may ease fans and tide them over with more information or sneak previews between now and 2015. The 2015 delay will most assuredly be disappointing for many fans, though they will not be upset for long because The Order: 1886 will likely completely immerse gamers in an amazing world full of top-notch next-generation game play.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

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