The Voice Live Eliminations Elite 8 Become Fantastic 5 (Recap/Review)

The Voice Live Eliminations Elite 8 Become Fantastic 5 (Recap/Review)
On The Voice tonight, we will learn the results of overnight voting by you, America! The Elite 8 performers left have worked hard to make it to this point in the season, but three of them will not be moving on past tonight.That’s right, three —  by the end of tonight’s episode of the Live Eliminations on The Voice, we will be left with the Fantastic 5 performers, as determined by your votes, America! The Bottom Four will have to sing for the chance to have your votes Instantly Save one of them, while three will be leaving.

Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie received the iTunes bonus multiplier. Their studio recordings of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “How to Love” hit the second and the fourth positions on the iTunes Top 200 Singles chart at the close of the voting window, so it’s likely that these two competitors will be safe.

Last night, Kat Perkins sang a rockin’ version of “Get Lucky,” which might have kept her alive for at least one more week, and she just might end up as “The Voice” the final episode of the season, and be declared  the winner of a recording contract. Who will stay and who will be going home tonight on The Voice? Read on, to find out!

The Voice Live Eliminations Elite 8 Become Fantastic 5 (Recap/Review)

Carson Daly, host of The Voice, started the hour-long show by showing us a recap of last night’s episode. The two new judges for next season, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams performed, as well as the Elite 8, who — as Carson says — “left their hearts on the stage for your votes.”

Then, Carson introduced the judges, the two blonds — Shakira and Adam Levine — Usher, and Blake Shelton. Kristen Merlin of Team Shakira, Kat Perkins of Team Adam, and Audra McLaughlin, and Jake Worthington, of Team Blake, sang “Chainsaw.”  They did a GREAT job of opening tonight’s episode. The audience clapped right from the beginning of the song, an the performers really lit up the stage.

Carson Daly got ready to announce the name of the first artist that America saved — Josh Kaufman! He will be moving into the Fantastic Five! Who will be joining him?

Adam said he really doesn’t know about the chances of his team members tonight, but he thinks that Kat Perkins deserves to move on. Carson asked Shakira about Kristen Merlin’s chances of moving on, and Shakira said that “I have a lot of faith” that Kristen will be moving on.

Carson asked the same about Josh Kaufman to Usher, and Usher said he had Adam to thank for Josh being on his team, as Adam used to have Josh on his team.

“I have the name of the next artist who is safe and will be moving on to next week’s show. America saved — Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira!” Carson said.

Carson, back from the break on The Voice, showed a clip of The Voice: The Confessionals about quotes and sentiments of the performers and judges about their mothers, in honor of the upcoming holiday, Mother’s Day.

Then, Carson announced another performer saved by your votes, America: “America saved — from Team Adam — Christina Grimmie!”

The Voice Live Eliminations Elite 8 Become Fantastic 5 (Recap/Review)

WOO-HOO! Christina joins the Fantastic Five who will be moving on to next week! After another commercial break, we’ll learn who the last person is who America’s votes have saved, then we will hear the Bottom Four sing for the chance to be Instantly Saved and move on.

Christina, Josh, Delvin, and Sisaundra will be performing “Latch” before we hear any further results. They are FANTASTIC — Sisaundra and Christina hit the high notes with ease, and Josh and Delvin have such soulful, cool-sounding voices. They harmonize extremely well together. The audience clapped their hands right from the start of the song.

Carson: “The last artist saved by America’s vote is — America saved — Jake Worthington! He’s the last person saved by last night’s overnight vote! Each judge has someone representing his or her team. It’s up to you and everyone else watching the show to Instantly Save one of them!”

Back from another commercial break, Sisaundra Lewis sang “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman ” as her Instant Save song. She NAILED it, and had the audience cheering at various points during the song. The audience, and Blake, gave her a standing ovation.

Usher: “You know your voice is incredible. It’s obviously in America’s hands. I think it was an amazing performance.”

Shakira: “Your voice is so CRAZY GOOD! You are so gifted.”

Adam: “They say –the show says — that these are the Bottom Four, but all eight of you guys are incredible. There’s no bottom.”

Blake: “It’s contradictory to me to say we’re looking for the best singer in the world and Sisaundra is in the Bottom Four.”

Audra McLaughlin, also from Team Blake, went next. She sang “Done.” Audra got the audience really into the song, and she, like Sisaundra, put her heart and soul into singing this song. She ROCKED it OUT!

Shakira: “This is one of those moments when you have nothing to lose! Man, you’re fierce! I would love to have you stay!”

Adam: “This season, it’s surreal that these people are having to scrap for the last spot. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Blake: ‘She did amazing! Audra, this sucks — I’m sorry about this. America, this girl is world-class. More importantly to me, she’s a country vocalist. Save Audra, please!”

Kat Perkins, from Team Adam, sang “Barracuda” for her chance to be Instantly Saved by your votes, America. She sang a PERFECT version of this Heart song, and had the audience clapping right from the start of the song. She sang the CRAP out of this song!

Usher: “This performance basically took me back to the beginning. That was amazing! Your’e an amazing vocalist.”

Adam: “I believe that Terri McDermot and Kat Perkins are the two most rocking people to have ever been on The Voice.”

Carson: “Singing ‘Young Girls’ from Team Adam is Delvin Choice.” Delvin is AWESOME, also! He definitely isn’t making the choice of who to Instantly Save any easier for you, America — they all deserve to continue on. Delvin put so much heart and soul into this song.

Shakira: “I’ve been secretly rooting for you the whole time. You’re an amazing vocalist. there’s nothing you do wrong up there.”

Adam: “No one sounds like Delvin — no one! He doesn’t deserve to be in the Bottom Four, and neither does Kat.”

The Voice went to yet another commercial break. When the show returns, we’ll hear, at last, who the final performer will be who will be moving on to next week.

Carson asked Blake and Adam to argue their cases to America, to get their competitors Instantly Saved. Carson said “One of you was Instantly Saved by America’s tweets. the other three will, unfortunately, leave The Voice tonight. America Instantly Saved — Kat Perkins!” Adam came running up, and hugged both Delvin and Kat, who were hugging each other.  It was a touching, but bittersweet, moment on The Voice.

What an AMAZING episode of The Voice! The Bottom Four really were so terrific, they didn’t deserve to be in the Bottom Four — but, neither did the other performers. The Instant Save performances that the Bottom Four gave were each incredible, in their own right, and would likely have been good enough to Instantly Save any of the Bottom Four under other circumstances. However, tonight, it was Kat Perkins who was Instantly Saved by your tweets, America! What are you thoughts about tonight’s episode of The Voice? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

27 Responses to "The Voice Live Eliminations Elite 8 Become Fantastic 5 (Recap/Review)"

  1. Bryan   May 7, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    OK come on… If you really care about who stays on the show.. then you STILL CAN VOTE in the instant save no matter where you are.. You just have to check your twitter and follow The Voice and wait until they announce when the instant save window is open.. even if you didn’t get to watch it, you can still make a judgement call on who you think deserves it.. If you really freakin care THAT MUCH then it’s on you to vote in the instant save when it happens in real time.

  2. Joyce Fischer   May 7, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    May 7, 2014

    We were big fans of The Voice until last night. When we found out that Sisuandra and Delvin were voted off the show, we both said we are done watching. Can someone explain how Jake has a spot in the finals? We can’t wait to find out that he has been booted ( no pun intended) off the show. Would love to hear the opinions of the judges on this. Hopefully, some intelligent person will come along and give Sisaundra and Delvin record deals. What a pity, but remember what happened to Jennifer Hudson!!

  3. Dexter   May 7, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    I use to love the voice, but I am beginning to realize that it’s about who is truly the best singer or performer, but who the producers want to remain. There is no way that Sisaundra Lewis should have been eliminated. It tells you who truly watches the show. She was better by far than any of the others. Maybe America didn’t think she should have been on the country team. But I feel she was robbed and the show is making the decisions who to keep. The same thing happened to Sasha Allen last season. My days of watching this show is over.

  4. ED   May 7, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Trust me, next Monday is retribution day for the hillbilly. I am so tired of him I could scream. Whiny baby crying on stage every week. Heck, I can’t stand his twang and I’m southern myself. And Kristen’s stupid deer in the headlights look with her men’s clothing isn’t much better. However, what happened last night, should solidify to all of you that this is NOT a serious competition. Do you see them soaking up all the publicity for it today? It was on every news channel. A sacrifice, if you will, to the dark gods of television. And the bottom 4 last night were led to the slaughter just as they are on EVERY OTHER VOCAL COMPETITION you have ever seen. Think about it. How many of the contestants who are really really good (Jennifer Hudson, etc) actually win???? Folks, that doesn’t make ratings. Booting off 3 of the best singers to come along on one of these shows…well, that makes for next day fodder on every single channel now doesn’t it? You think if Jake went home anyone would be saying anything other than, thank god Jake went home?!!!?

  5. Linda Knox   May 7, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Face it Voice Fans…Fans have the final say..(Ratings guys Ratings),it’s never just about who has the most electrifying, magnifying, Gooseflesh raising, voice…it’s about scratching the Network’s back, & them scratching back…Thank Goodness we also have Talent Scouts inside of the Coaches (Audra, Delvin, & SisSaundra), hey…They will go on!!! I too, thought Audra or Josh had this Linda Knox Penna.

  6. arlene   May 7, 2014 at 10:20 am

    Sisaundra and Delvin were the top singers…..Its like American idol its not about the talent anymore. The Instant save should be eliminated What a disappointment

  7. Jay Holland   May 7, 2014 at 9:28 am

    I still think Tess got nailed on the last two song choices plus she seemed out of breath at times. I still think she has a great voice that could go far especially with a good coach. No bleach blond afro. Just a wholesaome college student that works with kids and can sing. Sisaundra is a lounge singer. Complain about the iTunes thing all you want but I purchase the song because I like it and want to listen to it again and again. If your not up there on iTunes don’t expect to win because people don’t like you enough to want to hear you sing that song again. The left coast we don’t care about. They screw us on football games all the time. I’m tired of staying up till 1:00 AM to watch the end of a game. Turn about is fair play. We have enough problems with the hillbillies below the Mason-Dixon line anyway, beating out great singers ….and I’m not talking about Danielle. I bought her new album. That’s my kind of Country and Jake should be strumming his guitbox by a fire some place and Audra should still be there.


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