The Voice Live Semi-Final Performance Show (Review & Videos)

The Voice Semi-Fnals Live Performance Show (Review & Videos)
On The Voice tonight, the Top Five competitors left will perform two songs each, live. Then, America, you will get the chance to vote for your favorite performer, and the three who receive the fewest amount of votes will have to sing tomorrow in the hope that they will be the one who you, America, Instantly Save from being eliminated by your tweets. Adam has the most team members still left, at two. Each of the other judges/coaches have one apiece. Adding to the entertainment tonight, Usher will sing a song from his latest album, “Good Kisser.” Who will be eliminated and who will stay on The Voice? Read on, to find out!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began tonight’s episode by announcing the coaches. Adam Levine is still blond- Shakira looked as beautiful as ever, and Blake — well — was Blake. Usher kicked off The Voice by singing “Good Kisser.” It sounded AMAZING, and Usher put on his best dance moves, as well as many borrowed from Michael Jackson, like the moonwalk. There were some uber hot, sexy, and flexible female dancers also performing with him. Usher brought down the house! He has such a wide vocal range, and is an expert at singing in the falsetto range.

The audience gave Usher a standing ovation.  After getting to view a preview of the upcoming Transformers movie, The Voice went to its first commercial break of the evening.

From Team Shakira, Kristen Merlin will be the first signer. She confesses that she didn’t grow up liking country music, but grew to love it when she was a teenager. She will sing Miranda Lambert’s hit song, “Gunpowder & Lead.” Kristen does an AWESOME job singing this Lambert song. She pressed flesh with the audience, and OWNED the stage and the song. The audience clapped along right from the beginning. Shakira stood up the entire performance, and she and the audience gave Kristen a standing ovation.

Adam: “Listen, there is so much growth. You deserve to be here, man.”

Blake: “I remember when Miranda wrote that song. Miranda sings that in a different way — she gets mad when she sings about killing guys, and you smile.”

Usher: “It was great.”

Shakira: “I think that you absolutely ROCKED the stage! You’re a rock star. You represent a lot of people and America should vote for you because you are so unique. You’re a great person, and you’re the most rhythmic person on . That’s why people should vote for you.”

Carson said that coming up after another commercial break, Josh Kaufman will be singing. He is Usher’s last remaining team member. Josh said he formed the band he’s in, The New Etiquette, with a couple of friends of his. He met his wife while working in a bookstore.  He lives in Indianapolis wife his wife and family.

Josh will be singing “All of Me,” and he’s dedicating it to his wife and family. He has such a cool, soulful voice. He had the audience spellbound by his voice. The violins that accompanied him were a great addition to the song. Josh can hit some pretty high notes, and he NAILED this song! The audience and Usher gave him a standing ovation.

Shakira: “You have such a gift for reaching people with romantic songs. Congratulations!”

Adam: “Josh, you always give me a weekly helping of Humble Pie, because I realize I’m a moron for not keeping you. You did an amazing job!”

Blake: “There’s no question to me that you’re going to be in the finals.”

Usher: I think you’re a genius, Adam, for recognizing such an incredible artist, not a moron. To be able to dedicate that moment to your wife and family, I’m happy that America got to see it.”

After the break, Carson asked Adam about a “gift” that he had for Blake. Adam told Blake to look at the big screen they had set up. Adam showed trucks dumping manure onto Blake’s red truck. It was revenge for Blake having given out Adam’s cell phone number.

Then, we got to see Kat Perkins from Team Adam perform “Chandelier.” Adam said “The vocal heights Kat achieves with this song are astonishing.” He added that this is the week “Kat will break through, and have a breakthrough moment.”

Kat ROCKED this song OUT, and is was perfect to showcase her wide vocal range. She had the audience clapping from the start of the song to the end, and Kat did an AMAZING job hitting some very high notes. She, also, got a standing ovation, ‘natch.

Blske: “Kat, I really think that you do everything right. You do the thing that you need to do to move forward. You’ve shown another layer of what you can do.”

Shakira: ‘I think it’s smart that you were trying to do your own thing.”

Adam: “Kat Perkins is hands down one of the best singers we’ve ever had on The Voice. We did something different and refreshing, and we love it.”

Carson said that Jake Worthington from Team Blake will sing next on The Voice after more commercials. Then, Christina Gimmie from Team Adam will sing. She will be the final performer before the competitors sing their second songs of the episode.

Back on The Voice, Carson introduced Jake Worthington, who was born in La Porte, Texas. He said his home town is definitely supporting him, and that the whole community is coming together to support him.  He is dedicating “Good Ol’ Boys” by Waylon Jennings to his friends and fans back in Texas. He does a TREMENDOUS job singing this classic song, and he really looked comfortable and at home on the stage.

Usher: “I love Jake, man! That big note you had at the end, man — you completely sold me on that moment.”

Adam: “You’re so real and genuine. I’ve been such a huge fan of you, man. I’m so happy to see the right people here.”

Blake: “I couldn’t be more proud of you and the fact that you sang that song. We need to have someone like you who’s young to represent country music.”

Christina Grimmie, according to Carson, will be singing a song Adam chose, “Hide and Seek.” Christina will be using a harmonizer on the song, like the one used on the original song. Christina said that the chorus of the song “punches you in the face.” She added that “This song is the biggest risk that I’ve taken.”

She did a FANTASTIC job singing this very cool song! She literally harmonized with herself, which was pretty risky — but, Christina pulled it off really well. The audience cheered for her, and erupted in applause as she finished singing, giving her a standing ovation.

Usher: “How dare I not recognize what an incredible vocalist you are, because you’re here. I wasn’t connected as much until you started to sing without the vocorder.”

Shakira: “I enjoyed it, because you represented all the little people, like me.”

Adam: “In my opinion, I enjoy and like to try to push things with my team. We want to surprise people, and inject something refreshing and different into the show.”

Carson said that Josh Kaufman will be singing “Love Runs Out,” his second song on The Voice after the next break, and then, Kat Perkins will sing “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Usher tells Josh “This is your make or break moment.” Usher chose the One Republic song, “Love Runs Out,” for Josh to sing.  It’s an uptempo song, and Usher wants Josh to play to the audience and get them into it. Usher tells Josh “I’m so proud. I want you to go all the way, man.’

Josh had the audience clapping at double-speed as he sang. There were cool green laser lights on the stage, also.  He WAILED on the song, and got up close and personal with the audience. He poured his heart and soul into the performance. He also got a standing ovation.

Adam: “You’re amazing!”

Blake: “He’s got some Robert Palmer when he rocks out like that! You’ve got the song by the throat! You’re a natural born KILLER singer!”

Usher: ‘That song fits in many different genres. You brought the audience into it, and I feel this was it.”

When The Voice came back from yet another break, it was Kat Perkin’s turn to take the stage again. She said she was raised in Scranton, North Dakota.  She talked about how her community is supporting her. Kat will be singing “Let It Go.”

What a performance! Kat gave an INCREDIBLE performance of this song from Frozen. She sang it note-for-note perfect! She TORE the STAGE UP with her performance and got a standing ovation!

Blake: ‘Every time you get on the stage and perform, there’s never a misstep. I don’t know what’s going to happen –I can’t wait to buy one of your records.”

Usher: “Everybody loves that record. You KILLED it, man!”

Shakira: “I think that was an unexpected pick for you. This song allowed you to show off another side of you that was really enjoyable.”

Adam: “As far as vocals go, it doesn’t get better than Kat Perkins. No one has been more consistent. You’ve always been soulful and bautiful.”

After the break on The Voice, Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira sang “Foolish Games.” Shakira tells her she will be in the fianls, but Kristen says she knows she “has to give the performance of a lifetime.”

Kristen began singing in an upper register, something she hasn’t done quite as much as some of the other female singers. She has a very melodic, beautiful voice, as well as one that is very powerful. Kristen is a FANTASTIC singer, and the audience cheered for her when she hit and sustained one high note, in particular.

Blake: “It says ‘Coach Pick’ on this. That’s the most connected I’ve seen you with a lyric. That was moving.”

Usher: ‘We stand on the shoulders of giants. Shakira is your giant. This was an incredible performance for you.”

Shakira: “You’re a great story teller, so emotional — that’s something I revere in artists. That was a beautiful rendition of ‘foolish Games.'”

Carson said the coming up on The Voice, Christina Grimmie will be singing “Some Nights,” then Jake Worthington will sing his second song of the night.

Christina Grimmie said that when she was 10, she “got a keyboard that changed my life.” she moved to California two years ago, and it was “crushing” to her at first, but she really loves seeing how her home town is supporting her. She’s dedicating “Some Nights” by fun to her fans and community back home.

What a great song choice! Christina got close to the audience as she sang, and strolled across the stage. She ROCKED this song! Christina should be a lock to go on to next week with her two extremely solid performances tonight. She got another standing ovation from the audience.

Blake: “It’s interesting that you chose this song. It sounded like the biggest departure for you of any song so far.”

Usher: “That was an amazing moment for you. People need to have somewhat of an idea of who you’ll be after The Voice, and this showed it..”

Shakira: “You’re so creative and independent as an artist.”

Adam: “Christina, my focus and our focus is to — I’m so proud of my team, because you’re sticking to your guns. You’re bringing people along with you on your journey. I’m very impressed with you.”

Carson said that Jake Worthington will be next on The Voice, and he will be closing out the night.

Carson said after the break that voting will open right after the show. Jake Worthington, the last man standing on Team Blake, will be singing “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. He’s going to take this rock song, and countrify it. Jake is worried that his voice is giving out in the higher ranges. Jake says “I have to nail this to the freakin’ wall!”

Jake did just that, singing the CRAP out of this Bryan Adams song! He had the audience cheering at various points of hte song, and Blake stood up with the audience to give him a standing ovation.

Shakira: “This is something very different from what we’ve been hearing from you. It was really nice.”

Usher: “You’re experiencing some issues with your throat, but you pushed through and gave it your all.”

Blake: “I am so proud of you, Jake. I’m gonna think of you every night the rest of my life. You’re the ‘Real Deal,’ man.”

That was how tonight’s episode of The Voice concluded. There were some great performances tonight, and it’s anybody’s guess which three America will say will go on to next week’s episodes, and which two will be leaving tomorrow night. This reporter wrote earlier that Christina Grimmie will be moving on — it will be a surprise if she doesn’t. Who knows about the rest? The Top Five performers are so incredible! Who stays and who goes is in your hands, America — who are you going to vote for? who would you like to see move on to next week? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

6 Responses to "The Voice Live Semi-Final Performance Show (Review & Videos)"

  1. Loryne Grinder   May 14, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Hi, I Think their all great. However I would love to here Jake sing I believe in you by Don Williams. They are both so kick back guys I think this would be a wonderful song for him.

  2. bonnie   May 13, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Josh, Jake and Kristen in final

  3. grace hedin   May 13, 2014 at 11:10 am

    I love Jake. he is the real deal….pure country

  4. Kristin Winter   May 13, 2014 at 6:31 am

    I agree with Jackie – I think Josh, Jake and Kristen in the final. Kat is from the Twin Cities here and there is enormous support for her, but I think both song choices weren’t the best. Remember how she brought the house down when she sang “Barracuda”? Maybe it’s not a song in the current top 10, but the audience connected with it and that is what makes people vote. Let the artists stretch their wings after they win and/or get a contract! Sorry, but I have never really understood what people hear in Christina. I am old enough to be her mom, so maybe it’s a generational thing! 🙂

  5. Kathy Davidson   May 13, 2014 at 6:20 am

    Love Josh he would be my first choice then Jake. Great show. Didn’t care much for Kat or christina tonight.

  6. Jackie Dowdy   May 13, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Josh, Kristen and Jake in the final. Just didn’t like Kat tonight as i usually do. Christina i like but is not a favorite.


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