The Voice Live Top 8 Performance Show (Review & Videos)

The Voice Live Top 8 Performances (Review & Videos)
On The Voice, Team Blake and Team Adam are looking strong, as they each have three performers left on their team. Usher and Shakira have just one performer left on each of their teams, so they are at a decided disadvantage. Still, anything can happen, and all 8 of the remaining competitors are  excellent singers, and any of them could be the one to make it to the final round of The Voice and be declared the winner, “The Voice,” and be awarded a recording contract that could propel him or her into the realm of super stardom. As if that wasn’t enough, future judges of season seven, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams, will be preforming tonight! Who will you vote to keep  on The Voice, America, and who will you vote to be sent home?

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the episode by introducing the judges, Adam Levine –with blond hair — Blake Shelton, and Usher. Carson says that Gwen will be singing her massive hit, “Hollaback Girl,” and Pharrell will be singing a new song.

Adam said “I don’t know why I did it,” in reference to coloring his hair blond; but, to each his own.

Blake: “I thought that Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight.”

Adam said that the only reason he was thinking about maybe not coloring his hair was that Blake would mock him the entire show. Blake said, “Ah, c’mon, Miley!”

First up for Team Blake on The Voice was Sisaundra Lewis. She will be singing “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner.  Blake said “It’s her chance to step into the spotlight.”

Carson then introduced Sisaundra Lewis, who ROCKED this song out! The entire audience were on their feet throughout the performance, and Sisaundra OWNED this iconic Tina Turner song. What a fantastic way to open up tonight’s episode of The Voice!

Usher: “You completely did an incredible job. You were a diva!”

Shakira: “You are a professional singer! You are amazing!”

Adam: “I love this choice, as it reflects the strength of you. It was pretty electric — you are amazing!”

Blake: “I’m absolutely thrilled. Sisaundra chose that song, and I’m so glad that you did. Besides that, your Momma’s here tonight!”

Carson says that coming up, Josh Kaufman will be taking the stage singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” He also said that next week, Usher will be debuting a new song on The Voice, so that definitely should be cool!

Speaking of Usher, Josh Kaufman is Usher’s last team member left. Usher calls Josh his “Master Artist.” Josh is an incredible signer, so he just might beat the odds and make it all the way to the end! Josh realizes this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for him, and he wants to show that Usher’s investment in him has been worth it.

Josh has a very melodious, soulful voice, and he packed the song with a ton of emotion. He had the audience spellbound, and when he hit  a high note and sustained it, they cheered for him. If Josh doesn’t move on, something’s messed up.

Shakira: “Your tone, your vocal arrangement, everything, is so intuitive — it’s such an accomplishment. Congratulations!”

Adam: “I am purely, purely happy to hear how far you’ve come.”

Blake: “That performance had magic all over it. It was really good, dude — no kidding.”

Usher: “I think he did amazing, and had the confidence that a great artist has. I want this for you man, and I am happy to support you here for what I consider to be one of your greatest performances this season.”

“Coming up on The Voice,” Carson says, “Blake Shelton will be singing his new single, ‘My Eyes.'” It should be a great performance, though seeing the new judges perform will also be pretty cool. Also, Kat Perkins from Team Adam will be singing “Get Lucky.”

Blake Shelton collaborated on singing “My Eyes” featuring past contestant Gwen Sebastian, who did some of the vocals and harmonized very well with Blake. The audience cheered at various points during the song — Blake proved, yet again, why he’s one of today’s top country artists with his performance of this song. Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Adam Levine brought in James Valentine, a guitarist for his group, Maroon 5, to assist him. Kat will be singing “Get Lucky” by Pharrell Williams but with a newer, more rock ‘n’ roll feel to it.

It sounded SO AMAZING! Kat ROCKED this song OUT — the original is a very cool song, but Kat took it to a whole ‘nother level! She also showed a great stage presence, and got up close and personal with the audience as she sang. Adam stood up and clapped — Kat NAILED it!

Usher: “It was — incredible!”

Shakira: “That had to be fun! You obey that inner voice that you have, and stayed true to yourself.”

Adam: “We knew we had to go big. It was all Kat. Vote for this girl — she is incredible! You just did a heavy metal version of a Daft Punk song in the most cool, incredible way!”

Carson says that coming up on The Voice, from Team Shakira, Kristen Merlin will be singing “I Drive Your Truck,”   and also Pharrell Williams will take the stage and sing “Come Get It, Bae.”

After the break, Carson introduced “the trail-blazing country vocalist, Kristen Merlin.” Kristen sang the emotional Lee Brice song, “I Drive Your Truck,” about a soldier who died. Kristen sounds great during rehearsals, and Shakira says she’ll showcase how dynamic and vulnerable her vocals are.

As Kristen sings, violinists accompany her, and drums beat out a martial rhythm. Kristen does a TERRIFIC job singing this song, and she fills the song with a ton of emotion. Kristen has a powerful, soaring voice, and this song was perfect to showcase her vocal range.

Blake: “Great job, Kristen! That’s a tough, emotional song. You just keep getting better and better every week! Adam loves you so much he copied your hairstyle.”

Shakira: “Kristen, I was so moved! This was so beautiful, so transcendent! You were a true artist — every single cell in my body knew what that song was about.”

Carson says that Pharrell Williams will sing after the next commercial break on The Voice, and Delvin Choice will be performing “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Back from the break, Carson read some captions viewers sent in for a photo of the judges of The Voice, Most made some comment about Adam’s new hair color. Then, Carson introduced Pharrel singing “Come Get It, Bae.”

Pharrell wore his trademark hat, and looked kinda tropical sporting a Hawaiian shirt He was AWESOME, as usual, and this song will likely be a big hit for him. He’s such a great singer and performer! The Voice went to yet another commercial break as Pharrell finished singing, so it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to hear Delvin Choice singing.

From Team Adam, Delvin Choice sang next on The Voice. Adam gave him encouragement, and Delvin become so overwhelmed singing “I Believe I Can Fly,” that he broke down and cried. James said “That’s real –people are gonna feel that.”

Delvin did a REMARKABLE job singing this song, obviously believing in the words and sentiments he was singing about. He made the song fresh and new, his OWN, and his voice soared to the rafters. He got a standing ovation from the audience, and Adam, his coach. Way to go, Delvin!

Blake: “That was as good as it gets on this show, man — it’s exciting to see it, man.”

Usher: “You’ve never seen a man fly until you’ve seen a man cry. The song obviously represents the dream all of you have, and I hope it pushes all of you to fight for your dreams.”

Adam: “There is not a better song for you to have sung at that moment. We all know you deserve to be at the end of this thing. You should be so satisfied, man, so happy with that song.”

The Voice went to another commercial break, but there will be much more to come, including Gwen Stefani singing “Hollaback Girl.”

Performing next on The Voice is Team Blake’s Audra McLaughlin. She will be singing “Forgive.” Gwen Sebastian is there, to be a mentor this week for Blake’s team. Gwen says that “every word of that song is meant to be sung with conviction, and if she does that, Audra could walk away the winner of this competition.”

Audra has a beautiful voice. She has the audience swaying their arms in the air right from the start of the song. Her voice is powerful, and she sang this song as if she was feeling every word of it. She played to the audience, and had a great stage presence. She got a standing ovation from the audience and Blake.

Shakira: “I enjoy your upper registry so much! You made it seem so effortless.”

Blake: That is such a great country song. I think it’s gonna be a really good night for you, Audra, I really do.”

Carson says that “Coming up on The Voice, Jake Worthington and Gwen Stefani will be performing.”

Right after the commercial break, Gwen Stefani took the stage of The Voice and sang her huge hit, “Hollaback Girl.” AMAZING! She had a full accompaniment of dancers and Pharrell even joined her! Carson welcomed the two new coaches. Pharrell co-wrote the song with Gwen!

Carson Daly then announces that Jake Worthington will be singing “Hillbilly Deluxe” next on The Voice, and Christina Grimmie will close out the show singing “How to Love.”

Jake and Blake talked about Jake’s song choice. Blake told him that he thinks tonight’s the night Jake should get out there and rock. Gwen Sebastian tells him to get into it, the moment, the emotion. Jake says that the song will “give me a chance to show my redneck side.” Blake said he liked seeing that side of Jake.

Jake told Blake he’s feeling a little bit “under the weather,” but he can’t let that bother him tonight, not with so much riding on how well he does.

Jake definitely sang the song with a rock edge to it, and he had the audience cheering and swaying their arms in the air as he sang. If Jake was still feeling sick, you couldn’t tell it from the great performance that he gave. The audience gave him a standing ovation, as did Blake.

Shakira: “You had me air-drumming. That’s a good sign! Country music is all about attitude, and you supplied the right one.”

Adam: “You’re so much cooler than Blake, it’s amazing. This is about as authentic as it gets. I love you, man.”

Blake: “I want to be the first to congratulate you. You introduced America to Jake, the artist. You did it tonight, man — congratulations!”

Carson says that “one more artist will perform, and then it’ll be time to vote. Voting opens at the end of this show.” Christina Grimmie is emotional as she says that “my two best friends just went home.” They were sent home last week.

Christina sings “How to Love” by Lil Wayne. She is a bit uneasy, at first, to sing it, as she just sang a Drake song last week; but, she eventually decides she’s up for it. And, Christina does a TREMENDOUS job with it, as she has with everything she’s sang so far this season on The Voice. She has the audience in the palms of her hands, screaming and cheering her on. She has such a great vocal range, and this song showcased it very well. The audience, and Adam, gave her a standing ovation.

Blake: “I love to see you get that excited and that emotional! You look and sound like a superstar up there!”

Usher: “I’m trying to figure out if you’ll be a hip-hop star. Congratulations!”

Shakira: “That was something huge! You showed the mark of a real star! Your high register is out-of-this-world!”

Adam: “I don’t think anyone’s heard Lil Wayne like that! There’s no other version of that song — you’ve created a new thing, and that’s beautiful!”

Carson reminded viewers that the voting is now officially open, and The Voice concluded.

The Voice episode, Live Top 8 Performances, was yet another fantastic show, with some remarkable performances by both the remaining 8 competitors and guest performers, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani. Blake and Gwen Sebastian were pretty terrific, also.

With such amazing performances, it’s difficult to rank them, or to tell how America will vote. A couple of the highlights, though, were Christina Grimmie’s version of “How to Love” and Kat Perkins’ rendition of “Get Lucky.” The other performers are pretty much neck-to-neck, and they are all so good, it will be sad seeing any of them go home. What are your opinions, America? Please leave your comments below, and tell the world who you think will stay, and which two will get voted off!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

10 Responses to "The Voice Live Top 8 Performance Show (Review & Videos)"

  1. robert   May 20, 2014 at 8:16 am

    what a sham the voice show is ,they forgot that its called the voice ,these two male duds did not deserve to be there ,karioke voices at best,the two girls who did not make have great voices not like those two hamburgers,the fans seam to like males with girly type voices its time they judged it on the voice and not fans who can not tell a good voice from a pair of duds they called singers,its a disgrace those two girls no voted in were not there ,will never watch this b type program again its as phony as the voting.

  2. Douglas Cobb   May 6, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    You’re absolutely correct, Kristin! I must need either a larger TV screen or new contacts or both — to me, it looked like Pharrell was wearing a red top with white flowers, but the “flowers” must have been Mickey Mouse heads…..

    • Kristin Winter   May 6, 2014 at 2:43 pm

      I felt bad after I posted that. Total nit-pick. Sorry. 🙁
      Can we both agree a Hawaiian shirt would have been more attractive? I think I owned that same Mickey Mouse sweater in grade school!
      Enjoy the show tonight. I think Sisaundra is going home, but shouldn’t be, and Delvin and Audra.

      • Douglas Cobb   May 6, 2014 at 3:14 pm

        Hey, no problem at all, Kristen! You could very well be right about that — Sisaundra is a great singer, and the Tina Turner song was done very well; but, whether the American public, as a whole, will vote her on or not, who knows? Sadly, at least two competitors will be leaving — I think that America will have a chance to save one of the three lowest vote-getters.

  3. douglascobb   May 6, 2014 at 10:22 am

    You’re abslutely right,Kristin — I must need a bigger TV screen and/or new contacts! I just saw a red top, with white splotches I mistook for flowers, without looking any closer. That does sound like a good song choice fo Sisaundra!

  4. Kristin Winter   May 6, 2014 at 6:44 am

    Sorry to nit-pick, but Pharrell wore a red sweater with Mickey Mouse heads on it. Where did you see a Hawaiian shirt??
    Meanwhile, I was very disappointed in the song choices last night. I wish they would have one week set aside for the fans to suggest songs. On another website, someone suggested Sisaundra sing “Paradise City” by Guns and Roses and I think that would be awesome!

  5. marren   May 6, 2014 at 6:01 am

    LOVED Kat’s rework…it’s a risk that paid off she did fabulous. Some of the artists are just not there yet and may never be…stuck win karoake land

  6. Jim   May 6, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Christina is a lock to move on. Sisaundra and Josh deserve to move on as they had great vocal performances and they have great voices….not a fan of their song choices though. Sisaundra & Blake really need to do a better job with her song selection or she’s going to be out. The last 2 spots for this week are up for grabs between the other 5 but Kat should definitely be moving on because she’s the only one out of that group that had a standout performance. She probably had the performance of the night and rocked the heck out of that re-worked version of Get Lucky.

  7. s cox   May 6, 2014 at 3:33 am

    KAT was already an entertainer and rocked the house; deserves to win or be at least runner-up! I did notice an “unfair” disadvantage to some singers was that the accompanying “backup” music (such as piano, other singers) was too overpowering and did not allow us to hear the singer. I love Team Adam this year, and voted accordingly.

    • Jim   May 6, 2014 at 3:56 am

      It’s not an “unfair” disadvantage. It’s their own fault and their coach’s fault for setting things up their staging that way.


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