Tori Spelling Forgiven by Jason Priestley


Tori Spelling Forgiven by Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley, a heartthrob from the 90’s, has forgiven co-star Tori Spelling. Spilling all the beans in his new book Jason Priestley: A Memoir, the star has offered some insightful glances into his past. The new book came out May 6th of this year and was published by HarperOne. Priestley shares some heartfelt emotions and recollections of his life and his interactions with well known stars of today.

Starring as Brandon Walsh on the hit series Beverly Hills: 90210, Priestley instantly gained attention and fame from young gals. As posters were made available, his name and face became a regular installment in teen magazines and merchandise from the show. Acting before hand in various small parts in television series such as Jump Street 21 and several other shows, Priestley was moving on to the “in” crowd and even shared an apartment for awhile with Brad Pitt.

As time went on, Priestley was making it big with the new TV series and Pitt got into movies. The two buddies eventually parted ways only due to logistics and such. Priestley went on to play his role for 10 seasons of the TV show, Beverly Hills 90120. His co-star Shannon Doherty, who played his twin sister Brenda in the show is also mentioned in his book.

As Priestley recounts his memories in his memoir, and shadows of indiscretions are revealed. The almost 45 year old actor and director has found a place in his life to share the nitty-gritty, as he tells secrets within the pages of his book. Jason Priestley: A Memoir is both forgiving and receiving of all success and sordid details he cares to put forth.

As cast-mates from the series have gone on with their own lives and careers, Priestley is quick to mention a few disturbances along the way. Doherty was not shy about undesired travel arrangements as Priestley accommodated her needs in the end. A town car instead of a limo was the least of his worries at the time, but seemed to matter to Doherty. Priestley has always remained low-key in his fame, enjoying the limelight but striving to be himself.

Many of the original cast members have found roles in TV movies and guest starring opportunities. Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Tiffani Thiessen and Luke Perry have all had roles beyond the TV series. More famously for her own roles and reality TV has been Tori Spelling.

Tori Spelling Forgiven by Jason PriestleySpelling was jilted out of her $500 million family inheritance due to a strained relationship with her mother, Candy, and has had to make it all on her own. Her famous dad Aaron, created the show she starred in, but he sadly passed away in 2006, leaving things up to others.

Marrying Dean McDermott, soon after both had failed marriages, the couple has spawned four children and numerous reality shows such as Notorious and Tori and Dean: Inn Love. Unfortunately, Tori has had to resort to yard sales to help with the family budget. She went as far as selling a wedding invitation from Priestley for $5.oo. He found out about the sale but has forgiven his old pal, understanding her reasons.

Cruising along beyond the popular series, Priestley has his options open. Forgiving each former cast-mate for various things he has gone on happily in his own life. He has stayed close to his cast-mates and they all remain friends to this day. As
Priestley went on to pursue other dreams, he ventured into the race-car driver arena. He suffered a near-fatal crash in August of 2002, at the Kentucky Speedway, taking many months to recover fully.

Priestley had beaten the odds in life and has come back full force both in acting and in his personal life. Guest starring in many TV shows such as Without a Trace and directing other shows, Priestley has risen above the ashes to a point of reflection. Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States in 2007, the Canadian born actor is embracing the past and is looking forward to the future. He has forgiven Tori Spellman and all of the others as he enjoys life with his wife Naomi and their two children.

Priestley’s memoir might just well serve as a link from the past and into more good things to come.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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