Turn on AMC: Challenge (Recap & Review)

Turn on AMC: Challenge (Recap & Review)
On Turn on AMC tonight, the episode is called Challenge. Anna decides she will act in contrast to Abe’s suggestions when she attends an exclusive gentlemen’s soiree that is being hosted by British master spy, Captain John Andre. In last week’s episode, Mercy Moment Murder Measure, Abe Woodhull and Captain Simcoe had a duel, ostensibly because Simcoe was protecting the honor of Anna Strong. He actually seems to lust after Anna, himself, and he can’t stand Abe Woodhull. Killing him would be a win-win for Simcoe, but that didn’t happen, as Abe’s father, Richard, showed up with Anna. Anna protested that her honor hadn’t been damaged at all.

Turn on AMC: Challenge began with Anna Strong standing half-naked looking out her window, apparently waiting for someone. Then, the scene cut to Abe Woodhull, getting dressed. Abe said to her something about seeing Cook. Anna wonders what their lives might have been like if Abe hadn’t broken off their engagement.

Abe: “Some things are just not meant to be.”

Simcoe calls off the names of Benjamin Tallmadge and Caleb Brewster. Robert Rogers looks on with a spyglass. Caleb asks a man (Mr. Strong) coming off the boat where Samuel was, and the man answers that Samuel’s dead. Rogers fires a shot, probably trying to start up a conflict. The Redcoat in charge of the prisoner turn-over confronts Rogers, and Rogers says he was after a fugitive who the Redcoat just now let go over to the other side “with the bearded man, Caleb.”  Rogers said they needed to catch  him before he went with Ben Tallmadge.

After a break, Turn on AMC showed Abe Woodhull presumably conducting business with Colonel Cook in New York.

Caleb and Strong go off together, to try to escape from Robert Rogers and his men. Rogers tells Jordan to “act like you’re sneaking up on a deer.  Or, a lion.” He calls Jordan “boy” and asks him what his “true name” was, “before it was beaten out oif him.” Jordan answers him.

Meanwhile, Anna informs Abe her husband has been dead for two months. He actually isn’t dead, though she doens’t know this. He’s been listed on the logbook of the prison ship as being deceased. Anna tells Abe she’s going to the soiree at Andre’s house.

Anna meets with Abby, and insists that Abby help her get into the party. Abby doesn’t really want to help her, but Anna tells her she’s taking care of Abby’s son, so she tries to use this as a way to get Abby to help. A Redcoat walks over and asks Anna if this slave is causing any trouble, and Anna tells him everything’s okay. She intends to get into the soiree, and with Abby’s help.

After another break, Simcoe confronts Robeson and asks him information about Tallmadge, Caleb, and Woodhull. The man doesn’t really have much information to provide, but he tells Simcoe of a place he should go to learn more.

Abe Woodhull is introduced by Colonel Cook to Major John Andre at the soiree. Cook tells Woodhull “There’s profit to be made in this bloody war.” He’s after oil. Abe asks him what the going rate is — Cook asks him for names of Rebels. Abe answers “What if there’s no proof?” and Cook answers “That can be adjusted.”

The Continental officer, Major Ben Tallmadge, comes riding up and shoots the Indian, Awasos, who is with Robert Rogers.  He tells Caleb that he’s there “to try to save you.” Caleb tells him he rode right into a trap.

Abby asks a Redcoat at the door if a girl had come by yet wearing a “coral dress.” The Redcoat says no, and Abby tells him Andre won’t be pleased at all.

The Redcoat sees Anna, and asks for her pass. She says that she must have dropped it. He tells her “Never mind; you’re expected.”

A prostitute at the party gives Anna pointers, believing that she is also  a lady of the night. The soiree is raging on, everyone there getting very drunk.  Anna, playing the role of a prostitute,  took a position sitting on Cook’s lap. Abe stared at her for a moment, then placed his attentions on the woman who was occupying his own lap.

Back from another break, Turn on AMC is at the soiree, and a dance is going on. Simcoe asks to speak to Andre in private, and Simcoe says “Rogers’ arrogance is doing a disservice to us all.”

In the forest, Rogers tells Jordan that he needs a squirrel, to use its brains to heal his Indian friend’s wound. He offers Jordan a gun, but Jordan says something about not needing one.

Mr. Strong relates to Ben that “they became like animals” aboard the ship — except for Samuel. He said that he was the one who carried Samuel’s body up onto the deck when he died, and threw his body into the sea.

Ben says that his brother “died like a dog, and even if death, Rogers steals his name to use to set up a trap for me. He dies, tonight.”

Rogers tells Jordan that it was Ben’s right to avenge his brother, and mine, to avenge mine.”

At the party, Abby tells Abe that Anna planned to steal into the Major’s bedroom to steal a book he has there. Abe seems determined not to let harm befall Anna.

In the forest, Caleb and Ben are lying in hiding. Caleb tells Ben he can help him get out of these woods and back to camp. Simcoe rides up, and says that “This stand-off must cease and desist by orders of Major John Andre. Both parties must come down.”

Anna is caught by Abe in Major Andre’s bedroom. They are walked in upon, and Abe acts as if they are just having some fun. They take the book, when they are alone again, but Colonel Cook comes in and tells him: “There’s a line, and you crossed it.”

Abe says he’ll see himself out. Before he leaves, he’s asked “Who would you kill? we demand an answer!” He says “I’d kill the man who killed my brother.” He relates to the Redcoats gathered there a tale about a prank that “turned a game into a riot.” He said that his brother, a captain in the King’s Militia, was outnumbered by riders that day. Abe says he doesn’t want to kill the man who “trampled him.” He just wanted to kill “the coward who put the hat onto the pole, because without him, none of it would have happened.” He emphasizes the word “coward,” as that’s what Anna accused him of being while they were together in the bedroom.

In the woods again, the Redcoat in charge of the prisoner turn-over has the two sides gathered. Robert Rogers says: “That man is not who  he pretends to be.”

The Redcoat in charge of the prisoner turn-over asks Ben Tallmadge if the man, who is really Mr. Selah Strong, is Samuel, and Ben says that he is. Rogers says: “There’s no place on this continent you can hide from me.’

“I don’t intend to,” Mr. Strong answers.

At the end of Turn on AMC, we see Anna and Abe kissing each other, alone together in a room of a house. Abe removes her clothing, and takes off his own. That’s where the episode ended.

The action and romance are heating up on Turn on AMC. It looks as if both Abe and Anna have decided to give into their old feelings for each other, despite their journey to New York City’s stated purpose to Richard of selling her crop of cauliflower to Colonel Cook.  Anna, of course, is unaware that her husband, Selah, is still very much alive. Abe is a married man, but he has let his passion for Anna take over his judgment.

There are only two episodes left this season on Turn on AMC. The next one is called Against Thy Neighbor, and should be an interesting one, likely involving Judge Richard Woodhull more. Maybe we will find out if  Awasos lives or dies, and if the animosity Major Ben Tallmadge feels for Robert Rogers will result in the latter’s death. Also, Captain Simcoe is getting perilously close to finding out about the connections between Major Ben Tallmadge, Caleb, and Abe Woodhull, which might lead him to learning about the Culper Ring. What did you think of this episode, America? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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