Turn on AMC: Mercy Moment Murder Measure (Recap & Review)

Turn on AMC: Mercy Moment Murder Measure (Recap & Review)
Tonight’s Turn on AMC episode has the alliterative title,  Mercy Moment Murder Measure. In it, among other things,  Abe Woodhull risks everything to protect Anna Strong  when an old threat, Captain Simcoe, returns to Setauket. Meanwhile, Robert Rogers travels to a prison ship seeking a mysterious man.

In last week’s episode, Turn on AMC: Mr Culpepper,  General George Washington and Nathaniel Sackett spoke to Captain Benjamin Tallmadge about setting up a spy ring. Also, at Andre’s estate, Andre interviews Simcoe and others at his dinner table. Lt. Terrence, a spy for General Washington, is one of the people there. Simcoe lunges forward and stabs him in the throat. John Andre is a bit annoyed, as he tells Simcoe he’d wanted to turn Terrence into a double agent. Jordan has a fight with Titus, which he wins, and Robert Rogers welcomed him into the Queen’s Regiment.

Also, in Long Island, Abe gets waylaid by a rogue Redcoat, Cyrus, who captures and interrogates him. Abe insists that he’s a spy, but Cyrus doesn’t believe him.  Abe says that the militia “can’t win.” Redcoats arrive, and shoot Cyrus dead. Abe tells them that Cyrus was going to take over his identity and flee to the city.

We also finally learn that the spy ring becomes known as the Culpepper Ring becasue General George Washing says taht Abe Woodhull will be known by the name of Culpepper. He asks Ben what Abe’s first name should be, and Ben says “Samuel.” That’s the name of his brother, who is held in a British prison ship. 

At the beginning of Turn on AMC: Mercy Moment Murder Measure, Robert Rogers heads to the prison ship where Ben Tallmadge’s brother, Samuel, is –Rogers is told that Samuel died of dysentary just before Christmas. Rogers then asks to speak to someone who knew Samuel. A man is brought forth, and Rogers asks him what his name is and where he came from. The man says: “Setauket.” Jordan tells Robert Rogers that he knows who the man is, then Turn on AMC went to its first commercial break.

After the break, Caleb sits in a rocking chair wondering when a sleeping man, Woody, will awaken. The sleeping man is Abe Woodhull, who calls him a “bastard” when he wakes up, startled, and sees him. Caleb instructs him about his identity, as Samuel Culpepper. That will be his alias, the name he’ll be known by from now on. Caleb also gives him a code book to use.

Then, we see townspeople coming forward to speak to Justice Richard Woodhull, and a Redcoat, about whatever matters they had in mind. Anna Strong asks for her husband to be pardoned, but Richard said that that’s not about to happen. Anna is irate, but there’s not much she can do about it.

The man who Robert Rogers spoke to is Mr. Strong, Anna’s husband. Rogers offers him the chance to go back home, if he cooperates with him.

Back at Anna Strong’s establishment, a Redcoat gives Anna a birthday gift from John Andre, to give to Cicero, Abby’s boy. As the Redcoat leaves, he brushes past Abe. Abe tells her he’s going to go to New York to help sell her cauliflower crop, all of it. He tells her that he needs her to ride with him, and pose as his wife. Cicero gave him a note that Simcoe had returned and was on his way there.

Turn on AMC: Mercy Moment Murder Measure (Recap & Review)

Abe thinks that Anna lied to him about Simcoe. He burns the note in a fire, then Turn on AMC went to another break.

Simcoe arrives, and checks out the tavern sign. He’s about to enter, when a Redcoat stops him, and tells him that he needs to give a report to General Hewlett. He tells Simcoe that they can’t use the same tactics they had been using, that now they needed” to win their hearts and minds.”

At the Woodhull house, their Redcoat border, Baker, gets up from the table, Mary asks him if he saw “her” here, meaning Anna. He tells her yes, that “they” were here. Mary starts to cry.

Anna and Abe speak, and Anna tells him that Simcoe had to report to his unit first. Abe wants to work with Anna to set up a trap, but she tells him trap for Simcoe.

Mary, holding her son, goes to see Richard at his house. Richard asks if he can do anything for her. Mary asks him to grant a pardon for Anna’s husband, to keep his mind off of Anna. Richard tells her that Abe loves her,not Anna. But, without telling Richard much more, she asks him again to pardon Anna’s husband. He doesn’t give her answer her, though.

At night, Simcoe approaches Abe Woodhull, saying that he had been about to offer him an apology. However, he tells Abe, not anymore. He and other Redcoats start to beat Abraham up, until another Redcoat comes running up to tell Abe he needed to talk to his father immediately.

Simcoe tells the other Redcoats around him: “He struck me first. You all saw it, right?”

Another one answers: “Saw what?” Then, Turn on AMC went to another commercial break.

Caleb meets with Benjamin Tallmadge. Ben says that “Washington needs me here.”

A corporeal gives Ben information about the latest prisoner exchange. Ben is glad to see that his brother’s name, Samuel’s, is on the list of prisoners to be released. Caleb said that he would pick up Samuel for him.

Simcoe enters the courthouse, and says that he had heard that Abe has assaulted the virtue of a lady, Mrs. Anna Strong. Baker said that Abe “did not rape her,” though. Abe said “it was not against her wishes.”

Simcoe said he leapt to the defense of a lady, and that if he was in the wrong, he apologizes to Mr. Woodhull. Abe is told to shake Simcoe’s hand, but he leaves the building.

“Are you satisfied?” Simcoe asks Abe. Abe answers “No.”

Simcoe suggests that they have a duel. Abe shakes his hand then and says that he “accepts.”  His father, looking on, believes that the apology has been accepted; but, this is, of course, not the case.

At Anna Strong’s tavern, Simcoe enters and asks for a table. The tavern is filled with singing Redcoats. Simcoe asks her if it’s too late to pick up his laundry. He said he “wanted to renew the close relationship they had embarked on.”

Anna tells him she wanted to talk to him about her husband’s imprisonment. She said she had “something to cling to — my honor.” She asks Simcoe for “help safeguarding her honor.” He tells her that he intended to revenge it the very next day.

Anna runs out later in the night with her lantern to try to warn Abe. She meets with Judge Woodhull, who tells her he’s agreed to pardon her husband. She tells him that his son has “made a terrible mistake, and unless you hurry, he will pay with it with his life.”

The following day, Simcoe and Abe prepare for a duel. Simcoe tells Abe that it’s unlikely he will kill Simcoe. They flip a coin to decide who will get to fire first. Abe wins the coin toss. Simcoe and Abe stand back-to-back and walk five paces. Abe is told to “fire.” He points his gun, and shoots; but, he misses. Then, Simcoe says, gleefully, “My turn.”

Simcoe says that he “will treasure this particular encounter.” He adds that he might just “cripple him.” Anna and Richard show up, just before Simcoe fires. She tells Simcoe that “there’s nothing between us. It’s over. We both returned to our vows.”  Simcoe fires his gun in a different direction, saying that his honor has been satisfied. Abe asks for his gun to be reloaded, anyway. His father says he will prosecute him if Simcoe is injured or killed. Eventually, Abe lowers his gun.

The next day, Abe is about to leave to go to New York. Anna tells him he should have killed Simcoe when he had the chance. He says that she didn’t say that before, and his father said that he would prosecute him if he went forward with the duel and shot Simcoe. They both leave together to sell her cauliflower crop, and that’s where this episode of Turn on AMC concluded.

The return of the villainous Captain Simcoe added a lot of intrigue and suspense to this episode of Turn on AMC. He despises Abe Woodhull, and is looking for any excuse to murder or grievously harm him.  Anna is finally going to see the release of her husband, but that likely won’t stop Captain Simcoe from trying to seduce her. Also, Major Benjamin Tallmadge is likely to feel terrible and very sad that his brother, Samuel, has died of dysentery at Christmas and was thrown overboard, right at the moment when he has hope that Samuel will be released from the prison ship.  What, if anything, did Mr. Strong reveal to Robert Rogers that was good enough intelligence to set him free?  What did you think of this episode of  Turn on AMC? Please leave your comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

2 Responses to "Turn on AMC: Mercy Moment Murder Measure (Recap & Review)"

  1. Johnny Phillips   May 26, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Was Simcoe exchanged in the prisoner sequence? He just showed up in the next episode and couldn’t figure out how he was back on the scene, the Scoundrel.


  2. M. Jucha   May 18, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    You used the wrong surname for Benjamin in the last paragraph, he’s a Tallmadge not a Woodhull.

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