Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes Virtual Bets on Pokemon Stadium 2

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Twitch Plays Pokemon HeartGold

Twitch Plays Pokémon has succeeded in completing a total of five Pokemon games and is in the process of working on Pokemon HeartGold. Alongside HeartGold is a new side event. This side event runs at the same time and allows those in Twitch chat to wager virtual money on Pokemon Stadium 2 battles when they input their button commands

Twitch has completed Red, Crystal,  Emerald, FireRed, and Platinum. Now they are battling their way through Pokemon HeartGold with some surprising success, they even caught Sudowoodo. For specifics of how the Twitch journeys have been going there is an elaborate reddit link at the bottom of the article. From that link it is possible to find specifics on all the big moments Twitch has experienced across all of the Pokemon games played so far.

Pokemon stadium 2 battles

Simultaneously happening alongside HeartGold is Pokemon Stadium 2. The left side of the screen is dedicated to displaying bets and Pokemon Stadium battles when betting is finished. The right side of the stream has two screens (since the game being emulated is on the Nintendo DS) as well as a screen of the current party and the current input from people playing. The layout hasn’t changed much, but is now neatly packed. Now, viewers can place bets (with virtual money) on the outcome of randomized Pokemon battles. This means that Twitch Plays Pokemon has evolved! Two Pokemon games are now constantly taking place with interaction from the Internet. Now if TPP gets into a rough spot or hits a slow moment, viewers can turn their attention to random battles and bet on them.

Why is Twitch Plays Pokemon still going? Why is it so popular? TPP says a lot about the Internet and the community of individuals it gathers, but that is a topic so treacherous it would take a few more articles to cover it all. If you are itching for that kind of discussion, check out this video from the PBS idea channel.

If you understand how betting odds work, you automatically understand how Twitch handles it’s bets. All money used to bet with is fake which means winning doesn’t get you anything, but is fun regardless. Including Pokemon Stadium 2 also gives players the opportunity to see some of their favorite pokemon if things don’t go their way during HeartGold or whatever iteration they may be on. Unfortunately, that means only the first two generations can duke it out. What Pokemon game do you think Twitch should play next? Some fans are rooting for the newest generation, Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

Now that it is in full swing, does anything have the potential to stop Twitch Plays Pokemon? What happens when each game gets conquered? Do they start over with Blue and go through each and every pokemon game? Maybe they will convert to other great portable games. Hopefully not Fire Emblem, that would be a massacre. Whether it be Pokemon Stadium 2 or Pokemon HeartGold, the internet loves playing pokemon.


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