UCSB Killer Claims Hatred Toward Women His Trigger [Video]

The man who left six people dead and seven wounded at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus claims that his rampage was triggered by his hatred toward women. This hatred was allegedly fueled by said women rejecting the man’s advances toward intimacy.

Elliot Rodger, 22, took to the streets of Isla Vista on Friday night with a semi-automatic gun, unleashing a torrent of vengeance on the college community in response to his bitterness. The event was foreshadowed by a YouTube video posted by Rodger merely hours before the shootings. In the video, entitled Elliot Rodger’s Retribution, the man revealed his feelings of frustration and anger that the women he desired stated they had no attraction whatsoever to him. This rejection, he claims, has been one that he has been forced to endure for eight years while women chose to give their affection to other men. These men were, in his opinion, “obnoxious brutes” in comparison to himself, a self-professed perfect gentleman. Rodger stated his initial plan was to slaughter the females of a UCSB sorority house, followed up by murdering every single person he saw on the streets of Isla Vista, regardless of gender. His rant ends in a vow to exact revenge on those who had denied him, to punish those who contributed to what he calls an injustice to himself. Authorities have confirmed that they are regarding the video as evidence that the drive-by shooting was premeditated.

The allowed publication video itself has raised a considerable amount of eyebrows, due to concern that the viewing of it will initiate a domino effect of sorts, by way of copycat killers. It is feared, as was demonstrated after the Aurora cinema shooting during a midnight screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, an incident which left 12 people dead and 70 injured, someone may try and gain the same type of notoriety associated with the crime. Following the Aurora shooting,  a suspected James Holmes copycat was arrested for making threats at his workplace which involved shooting multiple people.

After the UCSB killer openly claimed that his hatred toward women was his trigger, he kept good on his promise of claiming his dues on those he felt had wronged him. Rodger drove his black BMW through the college town on May 23, 2014, accompanied by his semi-automatic. Reports have stated that Rodger took his time, making an effort to engage in conversation with those in the surrounding vicinity before he chose his victims. After releasing a torrent of bullets out of his car window, Rodger engaged in what witnesses have called a Wild West style battle to the death, with sheriff’s deputies hot on his tail. The chase ultimately ended in the man’s demise by way of a gunshot wound to the head, although authorities are not yet sure whether the wound was self-induced or the result of the chase and gunfight with law enforcement officials.

Although Rodger clearly viewed himself as a nobody, his family’s standing in the show business community makes him anything but the average unknown killer. His father is Peter Rodger, an assistant director for the world famous Hunger Games movie franchise. His mother is also no stranger to the television community, having starred in a French language adaptation of The Real Housewives series. Soumaya Akaaboune also appeared in the movie The Green Zone, alongside Academy Award winner Matt Damon.

Authorities are still investigating the UCSB killer’s claims that his hatred toward women was his trigger for the vicious atrocity he inflicted upon residents of Isla Vista. One thing is certain, the now infamous video has been confirmed as evidence that the attack on Friday night was in no way random.

by Rebecca Grace

The Telegraph
New York Daily News

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