UFC Video Game Next Big Release for EA Sports: MMA Spotlight [Video]

UFC MMA Spotlight

Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, and now EA Sports is welcoming the UFC to the broader spectrum of the gaming world. The game itself will be released to the public on June 17, but you can pre-order the game before hand if need be. EA Sports sets the principle when it comes to sports video games, it was just a matter of time until both EA and the UFC hashed out an agreement that was suitable for both.

An estranged relationship came about between the two a few years back when Dana White and company approached EA about putting something together. The highly popular video game developer did not want to put a brand or title on the  Mixed Martial Arts video game. Dana White scoffed at the idea at hand, and approached ‘then’ competitor THQ to create the game for the organization. EA Sports went their own direction and created a game called “EA Sports MMA“, which resulted in a very brief stint of the two competing against one another. THQ eventually shut down their operations, leading to negotiations between the Ultimate Fighting Championship and EA Sports, in which finally led to the production of what will be now called, EA Sports UFC.

The game itself will be released to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on June 17, and as stated before; you can pre-order at any time. One of the perks for ordering the game early is, well, you get to fight as Bruce Lee! Yes Bruce Lee will be immediately made available, along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Royce Gracie, if gamers pre-order the EA Sports UFC game. That is not the only way to access either of the two fighters for the game. By beating the game in ‘Career Mode’ at a difficulty level of ‘Pro’ or higher, the two fighters will be accessible then as well. There are only a reported 99 fighters on the game, which is a steady decline from the roster the old THQ game included, which was about in the 150 fighters range. The game itself will include such modes as Fight Now, Career Mode, a Rivalries simulation for competing against friends, and the UFC Spotlight.

Early reports indicate that the game graphics themselves are quite impeccable. EA Sports fully uses the Ignite engine in both the Sony and Microsoft game consoles. The graphics are quite remarkable, especially when the casual gamer plays at 1080 HP. The moves and combinations look fluent, the blood and cut graphics look the part, and the finer details of the fighters themselves really set the game off. Everything from tattoos and even chest hair is covered if it is present on one of their fighters in the game. All in all EA Sports and the UFC combined to land a substantial knock out punch to the sports gaming industry of things. The sport of MMA is on the rise, and EA Sports finally jumped on the bandwagon.

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