‘Vampire Therapy’ May Reverse the Aging Process

'Vampire Therapy' May Reverse The Aging Process

Scientists are doing experiments known as “vampire therapy” that show infusions of young blood may reverse the aging process. Even though right now they are performing the tests only on laboratory mice, the next logical step might be to start a research study on elderly human beings.

The researchers think that young blood contains natural chemicals which are able to turn back the clock to regenerate the aging brain. They discovered in their research that the blood from mice that were only three-months old was repeated injected into mice that were 18-months of age and getting close to the end of their life span.

The vampire therapy ended up enhancing memory and learning tasks of the older mice. There were functional, molecular and structural changes also noticed inside their brains.

Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray, who led the medical study, stated that the data they had found indicated that exposure of elderly mice to young blood late in their lives shown their bodies were capable of restoring synaptic elasticity and improvement of mental function. The research information was printed up in the latest edition of the journal Nature Medicine.

He stated that such an experiment could have been done 20 years ago. A person does not need to know anything about how the brain functions. All he or she has to do is give an elderly mouse a young mouse’s blood and see if the animal starts to act smarter than it did before.

Dr. Wyss-Coray added that future studies were necessary in elderly humans and possibly those who are suffering from age-related neurodegenerative illnesses. The scientists saw evidence of new connections being formed in the hippocampus of the mice, which is a part of the brain that is critical to memory and is affected by the aging process. They also took note that branches of neurons which are believed to play a role in formation of memories also became more compact.

The older mice were given eight infusions of young blood over a period of three weeks. They ended up showing improvement in mental tests and also being able to find a hidden raised area located inside a maze of water. The blood of other elderly mice which they were also given did not have any effect.

Professor Doug Melton, who works in Harvard’s Department of Stem Cell Biology Studies exclaimed that the vampire therapy should give everyone hope for a much healthier and happier future. The testing showed that it was able to improve both learning tasks and memory in the older mice and that alone was amazing.

Scientists who have been working on the vampire therapy experiments believe that the infusions of young blood are definitely reversing the signs of aging. Even though they have only performed tests on laboratory mice, the results have been astonishing.

The researchers think vampire therapy or using infusing young blood because it contains natural chemicals which have the ability to turn back the clock  on aging and help the brain. They discovered in their research that the blood from mice, three-months old, was injected into mice that were 18-months of age. They were getting close to the end of their life span and ended up having amazing health benefits.

By Kimberly Ruble


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