Anime Fans Demand: Bring Back Highschool of the Dead


Around the world, no matter what language seems to be spoken, no matter the interests, and no matter if the fancy is for demons, witches, humans, or neko’s (cat demons/people), there exists the world of Anime. It comes all the way from across the big pond in Tokyo, Japan. Anime is the Japanese version of cartoons or animated shows and is mostly popular within the youthful crowd but has also been seen to capture excitement out of the adult party. Wrapped around this genre of entertainment are Conventions, Cosplay, Role-plays, and many a store housing merchandise from the shows. Highschool of the Dead (H.O.T.D.) is one of these nationwide loved Animes. It is thrilling, keeps one on the edge of their seat, keeps one guessing at every turn, and keeps the action at maximum level as said by fans worldwide. There is something in it to suit the tastes of all the anime fans that watch it from the Martial Arts and Zombies to the impact that comes from any show with guns. There seems to be only one issue with this show; it was canceled. Because of this anime fans demand “bring back highschool of the dead” across social media such as Facebook.

Here are a few known facts about Highschool of the Dead. The manga (Japanese version of a comic) was written by Daisuke Sato who is a board game designer, novelist, and manga writer. This Anime Manga grew its fan base even more when it became a T.V. and web series as well as having a movie to go along with it. H.O.T.D. is centered on a small group of highschool students trapped within the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Inquiring to the masses about zombies has met a resounding answer with shows or movies like the ever famous series, The Walking Dead. The anime held about 12 episodes, created in the year 2010. But, after the 12th episode of this highly liked series, judging by the viewing polls, the anime was, to the dismay of the fans, canceled and discontinued. It was such a loved anime that the fans were in more than just your average uproar to bring back highschool of the dead. So, with as popular as this anime actually was, why wasn’t the season continued as just about every other anime series is? Why take away something that was getting a network more than enough hits and views to have said continuation? And, why hasn’t there been enough persuasion to bring back the anime?

The reply to this inquiry seems to be based upon two reasons. One of the reasons that Highschool of the Dead was not continued was because the creators of the anime went to work on another project called Triage X. The characters in this project and H.O.T.D held too many similarities between them. And, with most shows, there doesn’t look to be a good audience base when two shows seem to mimic one another. Another reason, this one probably being the more serious of the two, was that H.O.T.D was becoming too sexual. Now, that may or may not say something when Japan is the birth parent of the more adult version of anime called Hentai. Plus, in addition, there was a younger girl who looked as though she might have been an elementary or middle school student which might have made the sexual nature of this show take a turn for the worst.

So, while H.O.T.D may have seemed to be an enjoyable program to watch, it appeared that it wasn’t going in the right direction. If Daisuke Sato were to bring back this highly popular show, the script would possibly need to be cleaned up, changed around so that the center of the story was about the children’s survival of the zombie apocalypse, and make it so that it didn’t have so much sexual content within it. Of course, if it was brought back by the popular demand of the fans, it would still carry the high set entertainment value, the edge of your seat thrills, and the exciting action that everyone is known to love. Would it still hold the interest of the fans without the heavy-set sexual content? Sex, after all, is one of those subjects that sell in the industry of marketing. However, who’s to say that it wouldn’t still keep the attention of its fan base? Who’s to say that it doesn’t have the chance of becoming the most popularly acclaimed anime of the year? Well perhaps, the only way to find this out is to bring back Highschool of the Dead!

By Isis E. Stevens

Daisuke Sato
Triage X

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