Wake Up World South Africa is Becoming A Communist State

South Africa

South Africa is becoming a communist state and the world should wake-up and understand what is happening to this once booming country. The involvement of Communism in South Africa has a relation been directly related to  Jewish involvement which has been linked to the rising development.

For many decades, the idea of South Africa turning into a communist state has been addressed and recent published articles lean toward the African National Congress (ANC) alliance with the South African Communist party (SACP). The firm socialist approach by the SACP is part of the ruling ANC party’s national agenda to transform the country. While democracy is the choice, socialist policies have been implemented over the last twenty years.

The communism concept in South Africa is not new; it is documented to have started as early as 1917. Four books written about communism in South Africa provide a detailed insight into the Jewish relationship of changing the political structures of the country. Three of the books were written by Jewish authors.

Book one –A History of Communism in South Africa by Dr Henry R Pike (published by Christian Mission International of South Africa, Germiston, South Africa (1985, 1988).

In his book, Dr Pike indicates Jews working to develop communism in South Africa in the form of trade unions. Quoting from a South African Government Gazette, Dr Pike presented a list of 66 Jewish members as office bearers or members and dynamic faction of the Communist Party of South Africa. According to Dr Pike, it was during a time when there were nearly 3 million whites and almost 110,000 Jews in South Africa. Analyzing the statistics gave a illustration of Jews more likely becoming a communist party member than white gentiles do.

Dr Pike said, this would be assumed as an explanation of the Jewish concern or well-being of the poorer people without the sympathy across cultural barriers. Dr Pike said that to challenge this evidence, one should look at the Middle East conflict. The Jewish community has gained international and overwhelming approving support of Israel and not the Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinians lost their lives violently from Europe and American settlers. Ironically, the entire state was under the Palestinian power until 1947. During 1917, the Jewish inhabitants amounted to seven percent of the 700,000 total population. During 1947, the United Nations gave the Jewish people 56 percent of the Palestine territory. To this day, the dominant, aggressive ongoing take-over for the remainder of the Palestinian land continues.

Book two Jews and Zionism: the South African Experience (1910-67), by Dr Gideon Shimoni (Oxford University Press, 1980).

Dr Shimoni remained aloof of the apartheid system in South Africa and gave an outstanding outlook of the ethnic groups by identifying the geographically based structure. Sarcasm or not, the pretense is typical of Jewish people opposed to racism in other parts of the world. The book refers to the Jewish individuals of the white resistance opposed to the apartheid government. Jewish names mentioned in the book keep reappearing throughout the conflict and their position during the Treason Trial in the 1950s. More than a 150 people were detained and accused of trying to oust the National Party of South Africa by force and create a communist based state. The main connection of Jewish individuals was in the public awareness and even more than the Rivonia Treason Trial arrests during 1963. It was at the home Jewish Arthur Goldreich that the leaders of the Umkonto we Sizwe were captured. Details included other Jewish leaders who gave the impression they were the forerunners of the radicals wanting to remove from power the apartheid government.

Dr Shimoni defends the Jewish people as being the most exclusive apartheid people who exerted themselves for the sake of integration. He showed tremendous dislike to the phrasing of an Afrikaans letter criticizing the Jewish people. Jewish people show no intention of integrating with the African people and remain critical of the South African whites who are opposed to follow this direction. Jewish people criticize the segregation laws, as their synagogues remain 100 percent Jewish ethnically based.

Book three Cutting Through the Mountain: Interviews with South African Activists Edited by Immanuel Suttner (Viking-Penguin, England and USA 1997).

The book details the in-depth look at the Jewish involvement in converting South Africa in a more fair civilization. Suttner identifies to streams of Jewish members, those who campaigned within the judicial system and the ones who illegally joined organizations based on revolutionary, communist policies in an attempt to overthrow the apartheid government. Suttner elaborated on the formation of trade unions and the Jewish members who dedicated their lives to the framework of developing this structure. The Jewish people are, according to Suttner, worthy Jews and heroes, not only reputable South Africans, socialist or communist.

Book fourTraitors’ End: The Rise and Fall of the Communist Movement in Southern Africa by Nathaniel Weyl (Arlington House, USA, 1970).

The book focuses on the Jewish people entering South Africa during the early 1900s and their popularity. The story continues to elaborate on the early depression years and economic grievances, the envy caused by their wealth from their controlling interests in businesses around the country. The distinction of Jewish wealth and their controlling interest in racial reform during the early years and the revolutionary movements are depicted in detail.

The book details the Rivonia Trial and lists the leadership of the communist party, especially the Jewish members. A plan for guerrilla warfare drafted by Jewish member Arthur Goldreich to invade the South African government and a communist conquer of the country was detailed in depth. Goldreich’s plan was grafted on Chinese communist guerrilla tactics.

The book gives a detailed account of the United Nations branding Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) as a threat to international peace and Jewish Ambassador Arthur Goldberg’s support for sanctions. The double standards of Goldberg and extreme hostility toward white supremacy in Africa are detailed.

The author continues to define the Jewish goal by pushing for a majority government in order for the population to be governed effectively by numbers leaving the whites with no control over their own affairs. The election process describes the barrier as a simple ethnic census and the custodian rights of the constitutional court represented by Jewish people with little sympathy for the non-Jewish whites.

In closing – The authors of the above books have clearly indicated an in-depth look at the communism structure of South Africa and the dominant Jewish part of enhancing this strategy. The insincerity of Jewish people politically involved communicating their belief that Jewish people are morally better than South African whites are. Taking into account the Jewish attitude of the Middle east issue and their genuine moral superiority tells another story. The past fifty years of history illustrate the prominent Jewish political activists in all Western countries while clearly not acting on behalf of the Palestinians.

A book Who Rules South Africa by journalist Martin Plaut and Paul Holden describes the cabinet ministers business and financial interests and the vast amount of government contracts given to companies owned by government officials or their families. While Nationalization is also on the to do list of the current South African government, communism is a reality and a request for the world to wake up and hear the sound of its people.

By Laura Oneale



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  1. Giorgio Rigas   June 2, 2014 at 2:44 am

    what s wrong about communism

  2. Gaz   May 31, 2014 at 9:20 am

    Laura-the world is well aware of what happens in the country, it receives plenty of coverage.

    Another article from a drama queen.

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