Weed Fairy Flies to the Emerald City


The ever generous Weed Fairy, made famous by Jimmy Fallon, has flown all the way to the Emerald City. In October, 2013, the mysterious sprite began spreading her brand of kindness in Brooklyn, New York. She was inspired by the many people she knew who were affected by the government shutdown. When she asked herself what she could do to lighten everyone’s mood, she got an idea that would surely spread some smiles.

Armed with signs that read, “These are tough times, take this weed,” the Weed Fairy flitted about the city, looking for safe places to post her signs. Taped to each sign was a small piece of marijuana. One recipient, upon finding the gift, said out loud, “This is why I love New York!”

When Jimmy Fallon found out about the winged philanthropist, he gave her a shout out on his late night television show. She tweeted from her previous Twitter handle, @TheGardenBreath, a thank you to Fallon for recognizing her good works.

Now that the Weed Fairy is visiting Seattle, a decidedly safer place to be posting signs with ganga attached to them than Brooklyn, she goes by the handle @danksyappleweed. The neighborhood of Capitol Hill, a denizen for a variety of green-friendly citizens, is her current beat. Still keeping her identity a secret, the magical marijuana pixie is, however, giving interviews.

She says she chose Seattle because of the city’s progressive attitude toward the casual use of recreational marijuana. She no longer worries about getting handcuffed and tossed in jail. The question as to whether the Weed Fairy is in fact breaking any laws can be answered by Alison Holcomb.

Holcomb was a primary author of the I-502 initiative. That is the state measure that allows for the licensing and regulation of marijuana distribution, production and possession for individuals over the age of 21. According to her, in order for a felony to take place, the exchange needs to be a direct one, from person to person. Since the Weed Fairy is taping the miniscule pieces of bud to leaves and poles, she is not technically giving it to anyone. Holcomb said that it is unclear whether the Weed Fairy’s good works qualify as a delivery according to the state law.

Most people walking passed the signs take pictures. Few actually venture to accept the gift. One man said that he was afraid that it would be laced with something sinister. The Weed Fairy always tests here gifts out on her friends first, though. If they give her a thumbs up, she flies off, spreading her unconventional philanthropic wings. She claims that she has donated $300 worth of marijuana and does not foresee stopping any time soon. On her to-do list, The Weed Fairy would like to create a Weed Fairy Ring with other like-minded flying do-gooders.

The Emerald City is grateful that the Weed Fairy decided to fly over and pay them a visit. Her joy is contagious and few could argue with her message. Sharing is caring and the Weed Fairy is Daring!

By Stacy Lamy


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