Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna Prom Bat Diss Queen

Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna Prom Bat Diss Queen

Charlie Sheen does not suffer fools easily as evidenced by his past Twitter feuds and he is engaged in another one, now it’s Sheen vs Rihanna, the prom bat “diss queen.” The actor is reacting angrily to an insult by the singer. Apparently some websites are amused and supportive of the 26 year-old performer in her “battle” against tiger-blood Sheen, although it is hard to understand why exactly.

Last weekend Rihanna was in the news for joining the peanut gallery on Twitter in making fun of a 16 year-old fan who wanted to honor her idol by copying a dress the singer wore to a red carpet event. After a picture was posted on the social media site where the girl, Alexis Carter, was “vamping” it up in her outfit, the Twitterverse went wild coining the phrase Prom Bat and making fun of the kid.

Rihanna jumped on the bullying train and joined in. Alexis was crushed that her idol chose to make fun of an adoring fan. It was pretty obvious that the older singer felt threatened when she realized that the 16 year-old high school girl looked just as good in the revealing outfit as she did. Apparently one can never be too big when it comes to competition.

This latest Twitter eruption has to do with the singer snubbing Charlie Sheen’s fiance after the Anger Management star asked if Rihanna would meet his beloved on her, Brett Rossi’s, birthday. The Diamonds performer opted instead to snub the future Mrs. Sheen and now it’s RiRi vs Sheen or the prom bat diss queen versus the tigers-blood vatican assassin.

Sheen did what he does best after the singer insulted his bride to be. Apparently Charlie had sent a request over to RiRi’s table saying that his gal, Brett was a huge fan and it would please her to get an introduction. Showing the same sort of class that allowed her to make fun of a 16 year-old child, Rihanna opted to not meet “Scotty.”

Charlie immediately went on the offensive as, according to his Anger Management co-star Laura Bell Bundy, Sheen’s honesty is pretty much a given in all circumstances. In a way, the 48 year-old star is like an older, male version of Jennifer Lawrence. It’s just that his outbursts tend to be anger motivated and while sometimes goofy, they are most usually vitriolic in nature. However, just like Jennifer he says, or tweets, what is on his mind.

Again, showing the same lack of empathy she showed her, once, adoring high school fan, Rihanna posed for another picture where she is cheek to cheek with another fan. The “lucky” fellow has got a huge, and very happy, smile on his face while RiRi looks smugly at the camera.

Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna Prom Bat Diss Queen
RiRi says it is okay to meet with male fans…

This particular picture seems to say it all. When it comes to fans, the singer obviously thinks of her male fans differently than she does her female fans. It is not too much of a stretch to think that if Charlie had asked to meet with the singer she most probably would have said yes, despite his “advanced” age.

So it seems that the whole Charlie Sheen vs Rihanna, the prom bat diss queen, feud has come about because RiRi doesn’t like the idea of competition, regardless of which direction, or age, it comes from. The singer may think she’s gotten “one up” on the Anger Management star, but it is early Twitter days yet.

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  1. Aaron Manning   June 27, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Who the he’ll cares. She’s a rich hitch and he’s a rich prick. Duck email both. Neither one of email use there popularity for good. Neither of them care about our opinion.

  2. Dan Branch   May 27, 2014 at 9:55 am

    She has no obligation to meet him or his fiance. She definitely needs to be more interactive with her core fan-base (women) though.


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