Fargo Episode Six Shocking Death in the Snow (Recap/review)

*Contains Spoilers*

Fargo Episode Six Shocking Death in the Snow (Recap/Review)

Sometimes things take such a dark turn that it takes a few days to recover, in episode six of Fargo, the shocking death of so many in the snow pretty much took everyone’s breath away. For the first time, since initially asking the question, it does seem as if Malvo is indeed the devil.

Lorne Malvo appears to be untouchable as he pushes Stavros to the brink of madness while the supermarket king pays his blackmailer off. Lester Nygaard shows an amazing amount of resiliency and ingenuity as he orchestrates an escape from the hospital right under the nose of his police guard.

Nygaard’s spur of the moment decision to frame his brother for the murder of his, Lester’s, wife works brilliantly. It also, in an odd way, seems fitting. Where Lester may be a one of life’s “victims” in many aspects, as well as an almost classic “henpecked” husband, his brother seems like the perfect antisocial know-all who would be insufferable to live around.

Lester manages to leave incriminating evidence at his brother’s house and get back to the hospital without being caught. In the meantime Stavros keeps having flashbacks to the day he found the money which he is now returning $1 million of to Malvo. Each flashback leads the supermarket king to change the instructions he received over the phone and takes the money to where he believes it should be taken.

Molly and Gus are trying to track down Lorne Malvo at the same time that the two hitmen, Numbers and Wrench, who are closing in on the man who murdered Sam Hess. Grimly reveals to his new “partner” that he never wanted to be a policeman at all. Fargo episode six, features a shocking amount death in the snow and makes it seem that Lorne Malvo is indestructible, if not really the devil in human form.

Meanwhile Lorne has set up his partner, the original Stavros blackmailer, and not only will the man be killed but he’ll also be blamed for the crime. Lorne has set it up so that the police will respond and shoot Stavros’ ex-wife’s lover. Closing that line of enquiry forever. After setting his trap, Malvo departs the area.

Once the police arrive and surround the house the responding officers shoot the place full of holes and then breach the building, as a background of choir music overrides the events on screen.

This surrealistic sequence is almost spellbinding, but not as much as what happens next. As Malvo is driving away from the the imminent murder of his ex partner, the two hitmen force his car to stop by trapping him between their two vehicles.

The men shoot at Malvo with automatic weapons which draws Molly and Gus to the area. The raging snowstorm has now entered “white-out” conditions and no one can really see who they are shooting at.

Malvo takes out Mr Numbers and after Gus and Molly arrive to find the hitman’s body, they split up. Deputy Solverson disappears in the snow and calls out for someone to halt, she then fires twice. Grimly panics, and fires at a shape in the snow. As he approaches he finds Molly laying face down on the ground.

There are more incidents after this apparent snowy death, but too be honest, this bit itself is so shocking that the rest of Fargo episode six, Buridan’s Ass is as blurry as the confrontation between Mr. Numbers and Malvo. This black comedy has suddenly leapt into the darkest territory imaginable and seemingly killed off one of its most lovable characters. It also seems to prove that Malvo is indeed that chap with the horns and long pointy tail. One last question remains, where the devil (pun intended) did all those fish come from?

By Michael Smith



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