Why Was Ryan Reynolds Booed at the Cannes Film Festival?


The audience at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival loudly booed Ryan Reynolds new movie The Captive during a screening on May 16. The negativity of the audience apparently affected Reynolds so much that the actor skipped out of the after party for the cast and instead ate a quiet dinner with his wife, Blake Lively.

A source saw Reynolds and Lively together, eating a late night snack on the terrace of the Hotel Martinez. This was just after the film’s premiere and the source claims that Reynolds seemed on edge. The actor also constantly checked his cell phone when he was not talking with his wife.

Even though Ryan Reynolds was upset about being booed at the Cannes Film Festival, a source says that the actor was still very sweet and affectionate to his new bride. Lively was doing her best to cheer up Reynolds, by rubbing the actor’s arm and whispering in his ear. Apparently it worked because the source says Reynolds was smiling after a while and gave Lively a kiss.

Reynolds stars in the movie The Captive, which was co-written and directed by Atom Egoyan. Reynolds plays a frantic father, who is desperately searching for his daughter after the eight year-old  is taken from his truck. A reviewer described the plot as wild and full of far-fetched conspiracies.

Although Egoyan is an Oscar nominated filmmaker, critics still slammed the director’s work. Some reviewers called the movie disastrous. European reviews also knocked the movie, saying it was a ludicrous thriller about abductions, and the once talented filmmaker unfortunately tried too hard to reach self-parody. Even though the film was booed and received many negative reviews, the film has still been picked up and will be released later this year.

Reynolds has been in the headlines lately, not for acting, but for secretly marrying actress Blake Lively. Reynolds was previously married to Scarlett Johansson, and engaged to Alanis Morissettee. Although Lively has dated her share of famous names, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Penn Bedgley, the actress has never been married or engaged before Reynolds. The couple dated secretly, and was careful not to appear in public together. Soon rumors started that the low-key couple had gotten married in South Carolina on a Plantation in a private ceremony, attended by only 60 people.

Since being married, the couple has attended more public events together, most recently, the Cannes Film Festival. Lively appeared on the red carpet in a beautiful Gucci gown. Still, the couple’s rare appearance did not appear to soften the audience at all.

Even though the film was booed at the Cannes Film festival, it seemed the audience was booing the film and not the main star, Ryan Reynolds. After a slew of bad movies, most recently, Green Lantern, Reynolds was undoubtedly hoping that this movie would break the bad streak. However, even after this unfortunate film, fans still love Reynolds and hope that the next film the actor appears in is better than this one.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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2 Responses to "Why Was Ryan Reynolds Booed at the Cannes Film Festival?"

  1. Lou   June 23, 2014 at 4:32 am

    Agree. Firstly, his interpretation, together with that of the other actors, was praised, and the film was booed at the press showing but not at the premiere (Tree of Life met the same fate). It actually received a standing ovation. You can google the video on it. Secondly, critics normally support nationally-produced films that they think could qualify for a prize and do this by thrashing other films that might constitute a competition. They go as far as to build negative expectations on films they have not yet seen (“The last two films by this director disappointed. Well, let’s see if this time he gives us something worthwhile watching”). French critics have reviewed very, very positively Captives. If you read French check Cinéma Teaser, Filmosphere, 20 Minutes, as well as several others. Derisive, ridiculously scorching reviews are unprofessional, and the justification for this, ‘this is my opinion and I have the right to express it the way I wish’, is unacceptable and unethical.

  2. Joe   May 21, 2014 at 11:13 am

    It’s unfortunate how rude people can be, and how disinterested in the feelings of others. Granted, maybe the movie wasn’t great. I haven’t seen it, so it’s not an opinion I can give. However, it’s a movie, a visual portrayal of a story. Take it for what it’s worth, enjoy what it is, and move on. People get so wrapped up on every detail having to be perfect that it’s hard to believe they ever are able to enjoy a film. Everyone wants to be a critic just for the sake of being heard, we live in a world of trolls that find enjoyment in bringing others down. I hope Ryan didn’t dwell on it too long, I’ve enjoyed many of his movies and am looking forward with hope of his long career.


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