Women-Run Company Gives Gamers Insight

womenPurveyor of mobile thumb-driven entertainment, Moscow-based Game Insight has been seeing a steady rise in attention on their social media-based games like the steampunk, Transport Empire. The simple gameplay and stunning detail has a way of captivating even the newest gamers into hours of entrancing gameplay. A lesser known fact about the quick success, is that Game Insight is run by five women.

Game Insight told ISG (Inside Social Games) that their title, Paradise Island was “generating $1 million net revenue” in 2011, and the company has continued to see an enduring growth in their earnings. Game Insight may not have quite experienced the smash hit that their competitor, King, did with Candy Crush Saga, but their fast growth can be attributed to business-savvy smarts in addition to public popularity. When the women run-company’s chief executive and founder, Alisa Chumachenko sat for an interview with GamesBeat in March of this year, she told the online magazine that Game Insight had earned $171 million in revenue and attracted 157 million users.

Chumachenko went on to say that she believes that Game Insight’s business structure sets them apart in accounting for their rapid success. The company functions in divergent branches; a dedicated department handles the business end of the company, whereas production is split into several different studios. Each studio functions independently, but is owned by Game Insight. “That’s how we keep creativity high,” Chumachenko says, “That structure allows us to create different kinds of games.”

The other women behind Game Insight are, vice president of business, Darya Trushkina, chief operating officer, Olga Skvortsova, vice president of production, Leonid Sirotin and vice president of marketing, Alexandra Pestretsova.

The picture above is from Dragon Eternity, another of Game Insight’s triumphs; the popularity of which elicited a move over to the iPad platform for a larger and more visual experience for gamers. The android games sport cartoon-like animation similar to what has been produced by Big Fish Games, but a different revenue system means that the games can have a non-deterring price tag of “free” while also sporting Facebook connectivity. While Big Fish Games draws revenue from their purchase price, Game Insight uses a system of advertising revenue and small in-game purchases that may or may not be necessary to the player. A varied series of tokens that allow players to obtain items from the game’s “store” or progress further into the plot can be earned through repeated puzzle gameplay, sending invitations to Facebook friends and online purchases.

Game Insight seems to have thought of everything and everyone in the varied spread of game genres that their inventory boasts. From The Tribez & Castlez and Starborn Wanderers  to Tank Domination and 2020: My Country, Game Insight is looking to appeal to the masses with their simple, intuitive games. Mirrors of Albion is dedicated to the late author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll, and has an aesthetic that is slightly reminiscent of the Fable universe; with the addition of cutesy Strawberry Shortcake style details. Players are guided through the fantastic world by a whimsical interpretation of the Cheshire Cat who goes by Constable Cheshire Jr.

Game Insight’s diverse appeal caters to fans of turn-based-combat games, point-and-click, and traditional handheld games with a simulated on-screen set of joysticks. Since Game Insight released its first title, Resort World in 2010, the women-run company has grown to an enterprise of over 900 employees, indicating that a new mobile gaming giant is on the rise.

By Faye Barton

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