Xbox One Helps Players Enjoy More While Spending Less

xbox oneMany new announcements by Microsoft will help players spend less while enjoying more on their Xbox One video game consoles. Most of these options have been asked for by users since the launch of the system and Microsoft is ready to offer them.

The biggest announcement is that the Xbox One will be available for sale in June without the Kinect. Microsoft is not going to abandon the motion camera, but will instead make it an option rather than a must-have. This will drop the price to $399 to become on par with the price of the PlayStation 4 that is currently outselling the Xbox One.

This move is bold as Microsoft made the launch of the Xbox One mostly about the new version of the Kinect and the many uses it has while controlling the television and multi-tasking aspects of the console. The inclusion of the Kinect with every console was also supposed to help developers of video games see it as another controller rather than just an add-on. The Kinect on the Xbox 360 suffered because developers treated the Kinect as an afterthought and the interactive controls always seemed to never have been fine-tuned as a result.

Many are speculating what Microsoft will do with the Xbox One now that the Kinect will no longer be included. Many have voiced the opinion that the Xbox One include the option to use a headset to utilize voice commands. Since a headset is usually right in front of a user’s face, the microphone can pick up voices at a much higher success rate. Gamers are also quick to point out that they already have the headsets on while playing online games, so the ease of using them to control the Xbox One will not be so difficult. Game developers have also noted that the processing power that has been saved for the Kinect can now become available to improve the functionality of games.

Another way the Xbox One will help players spend less is the inclusion of the Games for Gold that was very popular on the Xbox 360 as gamers were able to enjoy more games that may have been overlooked. It was introduced late in the life of the Xbox 360, but the Games for Gold program offered two free games every month for those with a paid Gold membership as digital downloads. Xbox One users will receive the same program in June, but will differ from the Xbox 360 program. Games downloaded to the Xbox One will only stay on the users account if their Gold membership is active.

Another service being brought over from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One is the Deals for Gold. This program offers great deals on games and game add-ons. Some games can become discounted by more than half and add-ons could be as low as a few dollars. Currently, these deals usually last a week, yet there is room on the Xbox One for these types of deals to last longer.

Users of the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 will also be able to enjoy their video services without the paywall. Previously, only Gold memberships were able to use their paid video services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO. Starting in June, those video services and other apps will become available to all Xbox Live users regardless of what level of membership they have. Users have asked for this for a long time as it meant that they would have to pay for both their paid video service as well as pay for the Xbox Live membership.

Microsoft seems to want to change and adjust to help player enjoy more Xbox One services while spending as less as possible. The cost of being entertained is slowly lowering and it is sure to please users going forward to know that a system can change as much as it can updated.

By Raul Hernandez


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