Xbox One Trailing Behind Sony Playstation 4

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Since the day of its release in November 2013, Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console has been trailing behind Sony Playstation 4. Upon its release, the guys down at Microsoft were reeling from the success of the Xbox 360. At this point, the gaming company has some major decisions to make for the sake of their success.

Microsoft mostly depends on third-party game developers in order to supply their customer with a quality gaming experience. They are not as dependent on first-party development studios as much as their competition, which is primarily Sony and Nintendo. A few years ago, Mrcrosoft’s Xbox was ahead of Sony’s Playstation 3. At that time they had enough bargaining power to show they were a good investment. That’s not the case today. With their Xbox One sales trailing so far behind that of Sony and their shiny new Playstation 4, Microsoft is not in the same position of power that they had years ago with the Xbox 360. The amount of money that Microsoft will have to pay to keep some of their games out of the hands of the competition is increasing, and it is only a matter of time until they can no longer keep it up. To this day Microsoft is still keeping certain games and studios to themselves, but it won’t be long until those studios decide that their money is not enough to keep them from expanding to other markets and attracting other audiences.

Because more people are gravitating toward the Playstation 4 side of the fence than the Xbox One side, this make for an uneven balance in the realm of Multiplayer games. When it comes to games on multiple platforms gamers will base a decision for which console to get on the whichever console their friends plan to purchase. gamers relish in the thrill of the challenge and a console with more players on their servers makes for more challengers. Even though Microsoft marketed the Xbox One by saying that it has stronger multiplayer servers, it doesn’t matter if no one is playing any games on their servers. At a time like this Microsoft needs should be wary of the fact that more people are making the move to Playstation 4. If too many people make the console switch with games like Call of Duty, Madden or Battlefield then it will make it that much more difficult for Microsoft to make a comeback later on down the road.

When it boils down to the painful choice of which system to buy there are a lot of factors to go over before a final decision is made. How much does it cost? What games will be available at launch? What kind of hardware is in the console. As far as price goes the Playstation 4 beats the Xbox one since it is $100 cheaper. The PS4 also wins in terms of hardware. However, no matter the facts, a good chunk of the time it will eventually come down to the opinion of those who already have one or the other. Even in a world of Wi-fi andsmart phones, good old fashioned word of mouth is still one of the main ways that people make a sound decision. As of now word of mouth points more toward Sony and the Playstation 4 than Microsoft’s Xbox One. Even when it is based on bias and individual choice word of mouth is still a viable exchange of information.

All is not lost yet for Microsoft and the Xbox One as they attempt to compete with Sony Playstation 4. In the race between consoles they are soundly behind, but they do stand a chance to make a comeback. Though the price and lingering third-party support are a contributing factor to their down slope. If they found a way to come out ahead once, they can find a way to do it again.

By Mike White

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