Yogurt Debate Reveals Unhealthy Yogurt Obsession in US


The New York Senate spent 45 minutes on a yogurt debate that was brought to the floor by legislators at the request of a group of 4th graders who want yogurt to become the state snack of New York. This new debate reveals how out of control the obsession with yogurt has gotten in the U.S.

Sure, yogurt is great. It’s tasty, healthy, and it replenishes the intestinal track with millions of healthy bacteria. However, as anyone who watches late night television can attest, what started out as a seemingly innocent interest in yogurt has now spiraled into a full blown obsession with the creamy treat.

First, the Senate debate took up valuable time on the floor; time for which taxpayers are footing the bill. Senators were actually discussing what constitutes a snack and what doesn’t, and asking purposely silly questions in protest of the fact that the legislation was actually brought to the floor.

The debate was widely lambasted on the late night comedy shows, in between which the audience was treated to another indication of the unhealthy yogurt obsession in the U.S.—endless commercials featuring Jamie Lee Curtis discussing her personal digestive problems with the world.

While many people can most likely understand that Curtis is getting a little older now and as such, she seems to be suffering from some very unpleasant symptoms stemming from her digestive tract, the commercials have now extended to target a much younger crowd by featuring pop diva Shakira.

This is rather confounding, as Shakira is not yet even 40 years old. It’s really not normal for women in their 30s to have such extensive digestive problems that they would have to eat yogurt specifically designed to correct intestinal issues every single day. If young women find themselves having to eat that much yogurt, perhaps it is time for them to put in a call to their personal physicians rather than trying to self-treat their symptoms.

It seems that yogurt is everywhere these days, and one cannot even walk down the grocery store aisle without thinking about John Stamos and his pitch for Oikos. Further, the types and varieties of yogurt available recently seem to keep increasing exponentially. There’s fat free, low fat, 2% fat, full fat, Greek, limitless fruit flavors, and now, there’s even a mix of cream cheese and yogurt. When will the madness end?

Of course, it is completely understandable that the dairy industry would want to push as many of their products on the public as humanly possible, but for this effort to extend to the floor of the Senate is inexcusable. There are so many more important issues to talk about than whether or not yogurt should become the official state snack of New York.

The yogurt debate that occurred recently reveals an unhealthy yogurt obsession in the U.S. Man cannot live by yogurt alone, and it’s time to diversify the overall diet in the United States to include all dairy products as well as a complete spectrum of additional food groups.

Opinion by: Rebecca Savastio



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