Amy Adams to Star in Tim Burton Film


Five-time Oscar nominee, Amy Adams is set to star in the upcoming Tim Burton-directed film Big Eyes. This film opens up a new style of genre for Adams that is particularly darker than her past works.

Adams received national attention this weekend when she willingly offered her first-class seat to a U.S. soldier and took his seat in coach. Adams was reportedly returning to Los Angeles after filming the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice film in Detroit. She states that her intentions were solely based on her willingness to support America’s troops. Adams made attempts to keep her actions low-key, but they were inevitably made public knowledge.

Big Eyes marks the first collaboration of Adams and Burton. The film’s storyline is a drama based on actual events and follows the life of painter Margaret Keane, played by Adams, and her husband, Walter Keane, played by Oscar winner Cristoph Waltz. Margaret Keane was a very talented painter that primarily created pieces depicting children with over-sized, doe-shaped eyes. She was said to be a very introverted woman and her seemingly conniving husband took advantage of that fact. The Keanes experienced a vast amount of success selling and marketing Margaret’s paintings in the 1950’s and 60’s, but Walter Keane denied his wife any credit for her work, taking it all himself. The biopic features the successes they experienced in addition to the numerous legal struggles between the two over the aforementioned credential matter.

Burton is set to produce and direct the film with the Weinstein Company providing the funding. The film has already gathered a small amount of awards buzz due to its subject matter, cast and creatives. Casting Adams and Waltz was not the first instinct with the piece. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds were the original candidates to play the Keanes, but plans eventually fell through when Burton decided to direct and produce the film.

Amy Adams may be just the star Tim Burton needs for this film. Burton has been unsuccessful with his last two directorial attempts, Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie, both which proved to be box office flops, even though the latter of the two was received well by critics and garnered an Oscar nomination. Adams has received five Oscar nominations but has yet to take home a trophy. The blending of these two talents could be exactly what each need to move forward to the next phase of their careers. With Burton grounding himself in the most down-to-earth material since 2003’s Big Fish and Adams taking on challenging subject matter under brand new direction, it seems that they may have an excellent recipe for success.

Burton is known for unique and often dark visions produced in his work. With this film, Burton will have the added challenge of putting his signature twist in the midst of a real-life biopic. He still may stamp a familiar aura on this picture, as the images of Margaret Keane’s original paintings provide a twisted quality that can easily blend into the world of Tim Burton.

Adams is known for playing light-hearted characters often with a cheerful disposition, minus her more hardened performance in last year’s American Hustle. She is faced with the challenge of immersing herself into the dark realm of Burton with this role.

Tim Burton may have made a very wise decision in choosing Amy Adams as the star of his next film. Burton has an excellent opportunity to seize a chance at coming back to the top of the film industry and Adams could very well get her long-awaited Academy Award. Big Eyes is scheduled for release this Christmas season.

By Cody Collier

NY Daily News
Screen Rant

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